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The Prosperity Dilemma

I've always been a To-Do list kinda guy, but my organization was far from clear and focused. I'd be jumping around my task without any structure. Annnddd I'd only feel good about myself if that paper was covered with dozens of scratched out tasks. I soon discovered that I was addicted to being busy. I feel like most people are… “Hey friend, how are ya?” “I'm good, just crazy busy – ya know?” “Yeah me too, well gotta run!” Sound familiar? I only felt accomplished at the end of the day if I was so damn busy that I barely had a break and I felt even better when I stayed up super late working on all my stuff. I saw this future version of myself out there floating in the ether like it was a possible reality. Signing books, speaking on stage, helping millions master the power of their consciousness, family man, traveling and living it up. The problem was that I BELIEVED that I had to work my ass off to the point of mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual exhaustion. This was a common theme among several of my clients this week too… I call it, The Prosperity Dilemma. We work so hard thinking and believing that through this hard work we're actually drawing this finish line, this amazing future reality in toward us so that we can cross that ribbon and know that perfect life, faster. We're saying, “that reality is better than this one and so I need to grind in order to know it sooner.” The problem is that we never realize we've already crossed a previously set finish line. There was some goal, some destination you set for yourself in the past and believe it or not – you've already accomplished that goal and arrived at that destination. So everything's perfect, right? No more problems, no more worries, just easy-going life smokin' a “J” and taking long walks down the beach? There's a point we don't seem to recognize or honor – that point is right after we cross the finish line. This is the point of reminiscing, celebrating, resting, and Appreciation. Could you imagine crossing the finish line in an actual race only to keep on running, never stopping to receive your medal, celebrate your achievement, chill out for a little bit, and smirk with gratitude over what you just did? I realized this was exactly what I was doing. I wanted to work for myself and become financially independent, to publish a novel, to become a mindset and spiritual teacher, and to know love again. I was chasing these dreams like an obsessed madman running after some invisible foe – but I never stopped to take it all in, to celebrate the goals I once desired. I've done all this and my mind already has ten new goals, but guess what… I'm not chasing anything any more. I'm doing that good ole' SoCal stroll and loving every moment. I've arrived. And yes, I have lots more goals and I'll accomplish them too, it's inevitable. so why stress and chase? The quality of your life is only as good as the quality of your mind. If our mind is constantly looking ahead, we can't see the beauty surrounding us in the NOW. So how the hell do we set, work towards, and achieve goals without becoming obsessed? I'll share the steps below for how I've done it for myself and how I've helped about 3 dozen clients so far with this same concern. If you're interested in elevating your mindset because you don't feel good about yourself unless you're insanely busy and productive or just sick of not seeing the beauty surrounding you, I want to help. Send me an email and we can set up a time to speak with one another. My goal is to hear you – all you have to do is share. Send me an email when you're ready, I promise you will not regret taking this first step. Learn more about working with Joe. or Email me: I'm grateful for you, Joe

"The quality of your life is only as good as the quality of your mind." -joe hehn-

7 Steps to Mastering Your Prosperity Dilemma Step 1: On a piece of paper list out a few goals you've already accomplished. (This gives our mind the evidence it needs that we can achieve the goals we set – our mind wants to forget this every time we try something new.) Step 2: Set a goal by writing it down on paper. (Writing it out makes it real – you can read it over, hold it and FEEL it.) Step 3: List out 5-10 reasons you're confident about reaching your goal, and be specific. (This motivates and encourages us that we're super capable.) “I'm hard working, dedicated, learn from my mistakes, etc.” Step 4: Every day affirm that you can and will accomplish your goal, Visualize yourself achieving it, and imagine exactly how it would FEEL. (Thought is incredibly powerful and serves to create what we think about.) Step 5: Task list time:) Write out 6 things you want to accomplish tomorrow, in order of importance. Then every day work on the first until you finish it and then allow yourself to move on to the second and so on. Repeat this every day. Step 6: At the end of the day, look over what you've accomplished and realize you're already successful each day you make progress. Celebrate the day with Gratitude and Presence. Step 7: I will look over my task list and think: “I'm successful no matter what tasks I've achieved and I'm grateful for my presence of mind and value." Find the balance and spend some time and energy on yourself and what empowers, inspires you to FEEL good. This is usually unrelated to your goal.

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