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Healthy Mindset Through Covid

It’s not so easy maintaining a healthy mindset when your body is riddled with sickness. We start thinking how we're not feeling good, mentally highlighting all of the new challenges associated with being sick, and crying about everything that's missing through our day to day. Myself, Suzy and even our little guy Oliver all contracted Covid last weekend… and so this entire week has been pretty challenging for us as a family as well as individually. And this all happened the same day we accepted an offer on our home! Which means our cross country move just got a lot more real. My mind immediately dove into the pool of anxiety regarding everything that needed to get done, and that list is long as hell. But my body was too wrecked by the virus and the exhaustion of managing the entire family being sick at the same time. So I did what I always do, I started looking for reasons to be grateful instead. It wasn't easy, but Gratitude is the Medicine of a Healthy Mindset. For example:

  • We could’ve NOT received an offer altogether and would be in a much different space.

  • We could’ve been dealing with Covid during all of the showings and open houses and had to shut down for a matter of weeks.

  • We could have gotten sick as we migrated across the country, how much of a disaster would that have been!

But one thing in particular was a true blessing. Anyone with an infant or very young toddler knows that when they're feeling good, they're on the move exploring, tasting, and learning. But with Oliver being under the weather this whole week, he felt best within our arms, cuddling and snuggling into our embrace and comfort.

I cannot tell you how magical it is to have a baby just want to be held by you. It’s an insanely beautiful feeling and even though we know he was sick, it doesn’t change the fact that our bond was the one thing that comforted him. And being sick caused me to mentally and physically pump the brakes on all the different tasks I needed to get done. Sometimes God, the Universe, or the Powers That Be throw a wrench into the flow of our busy lives because it’s best for us. Because we weren’t able to choose to do that for ourselves. Sometimes it feels really great to know that you just have to slow down and put yourself first so as to heal and even learn. It's sometimes easiest for us to do this when the choice of whether or not to do it is taken away. Surrender. We’re starting feeling a bit better as the days passed and I know everything will get done in due time – there’s no choice for it not to. But there is a choice to be present and grateful every step of the way as we migrate into our new season of life. Being sick, was probably one of the best things to happen to us so that we could force ourselves to slow down, stay present, and cuddle. Does it get any better than that? Actually it does… having all that and NOT being sick! And that's what we create within my virtual Mindset & Manifestation Membership (Now on Promotion and only $27/month!) Interested in stepping into your BEST LIFE? Check it out here: Joe's Membership I'm Grateful for you! Joe

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