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Hey there

I'm Joe, a Mindset Coach, Author & Speaker

My purpose is to help you develop sustainable habits of better thinking which will improve the quality of your mind & life.

Joe Hehn
Joe Hehn

I was a mess.  Every single day I couldn't help but think and believe the worst about myself, others, daily situations, and basically my entire life.

I never knew I had a choice in the matter – I never knew I could choose to perceive my life differently so that I could intentionally experience happy emotions like joy and excitement.

I had to get wrecked by a severe personal loss in order to make the necessary change... not only save my life, but completely transform it.  I could have saved myself years of suffering if only I had a mindset coach. 

 How I got to this place 

Joe Hehn

It wasn't always rainbows & unicorns...

I was completely lost, depressed, anxious, angry & miserable after suffering the loss of my wife, Jessica Marie.  Little did I know, that loss would serve as the catalyst to my spiritual awakening & total mindset transformation.

Through traveling the world for years, volunteering, soul-searching, healing and reading like a hundred spiritual/self-help books,  I began my ascension – ultimately freeing myself from that grievous state & discovering the power of my mind.

My journey to a peaceful mindset was not an ideal path. Not everyone can pack up and travel the world for years working on themselves.  That's why I've developed several programs for making a rapid & lasting transformation.

Joe Hehn

 "Can you help me?" 

Joe Hehn

Everywhere I went, I saw others suffering.

"How did you do it?  How did you find this happiness after suffering such a tremendous personal loss – can you help me?"

This is when "doing" became "teaching".  I only helped friends, family, neighbors, and the occasional stranger at first... sharing with them the practices and ideas that had worked for me.

And through this process, I unknowingly became a mindset coach and mentor.  I had discovered for myself, my true calling.

And I fell in love with it.

 Why are beliefs so important 

Transformational Coach

For so long I believed I was a victim.

Everything I did, everything I experienced, and everything I thought was centralized around one crucial focal point: I was incomplete.

And because of this I experienced a near-constant state of suffering.

 The life I've created 


A deeply spiritual lifestyle which has granted me presence, purpose & self-love.


A loving, supportive & beautiful fiancé, Suzy, and our amazing little boy, Oliver.


A flourishing business helping others through coaching, writing & speaking.


A life filled with memories of world travel, epic adventures & beautiful people.


The kind of lifestyle which enriches me each and every day - I'm living my dream life!

What do you need?


  • Mindset Magic

  • Better Thinking Toolbelt

  • Spiritual Spotlight

  • Law of Attraction Faction

  • Anxiety Away


  • Corporate Culture Coaching

  • Elevate Performance

  • Maximize Employee Fulfillment

  • Strengthen Revenue


  • Private Coaching

  • Community & Courses

  • Private Consult Call

  • Personal Workshops  

  • Speaking Engagements

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