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Do You Feel Like a Failure?

All too often we sink into a “bad place” mentally and emotionally, suffocating under the weight of negative and unhealthy emotions, thoughts, and energy. It sucks. But most of us never learned how to think in a way that empowers and inspires us from one day to the next. Because of this we’re left feeling the consequences of toxic thought patterns which steal away the very thing they’re working so hard to hide: peace, presence, gratitude & self-worth. These four things lead to a life well-lived as well as an authentic sense of pride & appreciation for the achievements we’ve accomplished. I know a lot of really, super-duper successful people, I’m sure you do too. But are they happy? For most of them, no. But why, they've got financial security & sucecss? Because they never learned how to think right – how to elevate their mindset so that they could actually feel pretty damn good about themselves with humility and authentic appreciation. That’s what I teach. And guess what… your success begins gaining momentum once you’re dialed in on a mental, emotional, and I dare say, spiritual level too. You become a beacon, a safe haven for triumph because it no longer defines you, it no longer feeds your insatiable ego. Further success simply adds to the full plate before you. It’s ALL about perspective. What is perspective? It’s what we believe, it’s what we think (how often & how much), and what we FEEL about literally anything. Belief is rooted in our very being which then forms the trunk, our mindset – which then branches out into thoughts – which then sprouts the leaves of our being, emotion. So many of us work with others discussing the never-ending and ever-changing flow of emotion hoping it will help to make the change we so desperately desire. That’s like plucking the leaf off a tree hoping it will topple the entire thing. Eviscerating limiting beliefs and putting empowering ones in their place… that’s where the real power lies. Like uprooting a weed and planting a seed of future prosperity, you’ll begin the process of experiencing REAL experienced on every imaginable level – including building momentum towards actually achieving your dreams of success and feeling happy once you've “arrived.” How do you feel every day? What kind of thoughts run through your mind? Do your beliefs about prosperity make you feel good or bad? If your answers aren’t positive then I’m confident saying that your chances of success won’t be either. But both can change for the better and I’m talking about soon, not some distant reality 14 years from now. I mean months and sometimes mere weeks before you start realizing a Major Shift in your quality of mind, heart & life. Your mindset & thoughts are directly responsible for the quality of your experience in every facet of your life. Retrain your mind to believe, think, and feel beautiful, abundant & grateful and that will directly affect your daily experience. This is what I’ve done for myself after suffering a really tremendous blow to every facet of my life. And now I do only what I want to do, only what I have a deep and profound sense of passion for – it’s a really nice place to discover. I’m engaged to an amazing woman, partner & mother (that's just one person - not 3 lol) and we have this super lovin little guy named Oliver. I write, I teach, I speak and I travel. I smile every day, feel blessed to be living my life and give back as much of that appreciation in the form of helping others find it too. If your mind, your thoughts and feelings are tearing you down more often than not, that means it’s time for you to invest in yourself and everything you care about by learning how to master your mind & thoughts. I've got some more wonderful new that I'm super excited to share. I'm hosting my first ever Live Workshop on April 13th in Carlsbad, California. I promise it will be an epic experience and you'll leave feeling worthy of your own love as well as your desired success. Check it out here: Mindset & Manifestation Workshop Please know that if you're struggling, you’re not alone. I’m here to help guide you every step of the way. Email me if you need to, I always answer every email with as much advice as I can before advising on the next steps. My purpose in life is to help you know yours. So please help me fulfill my purpose. I’m grateful for you, Joe

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