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The Power of Love

What does it mean to love? If you stop and think about it, it’s a very general question. I love peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and I also love my son. But there’s just an itsy-bitsy difference between those two kinds of love. What's so special about love? Maybe loving something is simply being grateful for it and the more you love something, the more gratitude you have for it. And if you’re in love with someone or something, that’s the highest form of undiluted gratitude you can have. But did you know that expressing your love has the power to strengthen the vitality of the thing or person who receives it? Basically, your love improves the physical well-being of the things you pour into it. That's a no brainer, Joe. Well have you ever seen it scientifically proven? Let me tell you about a little experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto places equal amounts of rice and water in three beakers. Each day for thirty days, he approaches the jars. To the first one, he says,“Thank you.” To the second, he says, “You idiot!” To the third he doesn't say anything, turning his back on and ignoring it completely. At the end of the thirty days, the beaker with the rice and water Dr. Emoto thanked every day is fermenting nicely and appears to have no mold or rotting material. The second beaker, which Emoto assaulted verbally every day, is covered with black mold. The third beaker, which he ignored for thirty days, appears to have even more black crud in it. In fact, Emoto tells us the rice has actually rotted. His conclusion…

Check out the results of a similar experiment!

That gratitude and loving intentions affect even the most benign of substances–pure water and simple rice grains–in a positive way. Conversely, bullying and indifference create conditions that encourage mold and rot, respectively. How do you speak to your friends, family members, your partner or children? This is an obvious question to consider but I feel that there's a more important one… How do you treat yourself? What do you believe about yourself and what kind of thoughts and emotions frequent your mind and heart? If you were that beaker of water and rice, would you be pristine and glowing white or moldy and rotting? If anyone deserves your love, it's you. With proper sense of self-worth and self-love, your kindness, compassion and love will naturally pour into those you care for – helping them to grow into something beautiful and vibrant. If you'd like to learn how to begin loving yourself, I encourage you to take one of these three next steps:

  1. Start watching my YouTube channel on training your mind to work FOR you instead of against you.

  2. Check out my Courses and gift yourself access to awesome educational, motivational, and inspirational tools to help you increase and stabilize your self-love and mental clarity.

  3. Work with me through my Mentorship Program – 1 on1 coaching here to help you completely transform your life. (Check out what one of my recent students, Miles, had to say about his experience in the video below.)

Everything changes when you learn how to think positively about yourself because you actually believe you're pretty darn special. And you are pretty darn special, but YOU need to believe that about yourself. I'm grateful for you, Joe

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