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How to Hear the Signs

When you begin living your life with an elevated mindset, you starting seeing “signs” to help you along your way. Seeing a sign means interpreting an event then FEELING a certain way about it. Then based on that feeling you make a decision, pick a direction, or invest some attention into a particular space. The thing is is that some events aren’t wrapped in big red bows with a cute card attached. Some events are pretty shitty. But we don’t care about the event… what’s important is the feeling or direction we receive based on the event. It's all about the message behind the sign. Let me break it down for you by sharing a story. So our house has been on the market for a couple months. Then one day we received an offer - Hooray!! The problem was that the offer wasn't exactly what we were hoping for. But an offer is still an offer, which is a good thing – so we celebrated receiving it! Gratitude = Winning I knew that we didn’t have to get worked up and take anything personally and instead stick to our game plan, send a counter offer, and know the RIGHT offer would come – it was destined. We sent our counter while respecting the art of courteous negotiation. The very next day we were waiting to hear back when I received a text from Suzy. “Our “For Sale” sign is in pieces and uprooted from the ground.” Talk about a sign… When I saw the “For Sale” sign scattered over my front lawn the immediate feeling and interpretation that flowed through my mind was that these were the perfect buyers for our beautiful house… so don’t screw it up. That same day we went under contract and both parties were extremely happy with the agreement! We could have responded from a place of pride and ego: not giving the offer any attention or succumbed to the fear of not receiving another offer and just taking this one. We didn't allow fear to motivate us and the Universe helped by sending a pretty clear sign… or rather by destroying one;) But sometimes the signs aren't so crystal clear and harmless… Here's one more quick story to share.

Hope you and your loved ones had a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve also been spending quite a bit of time looking for our new home in Southern California. There’s like 50 applicants for every new rental property – holy competitive market Batman. I stumbled upon one almost perfect property three weeks into my search and everything seemed like it was coming together. The owner was super-duper nice, we got along splendidly, and the property hit almost every one of our wants. Leading up to our virtual tour I was excited about the possibility but something within me felt a little off. We really wanted this property to work because the clock was ticking and we kinda needed a place to call home. There's a LOT of moving parts relocating your entire life 2000 miles across the country while managing two dogs and a very handsome baby boy. During the virtual tour everything was going well but there was this sense of something not being right. And then suddenly our 55 inch tv broke during that virtual tour. What the shit! That’s kind of a coincidence right? “Great! Now I have to buy a whole new tv on top of the mounting expenses related to moving across the country.” That’s what my mind could have thought but instead I saw it as a sign. "This is not the house for us." I know it may seem silly but I felt like the Universe was giving me the added encouragement I needed to trust my gut and walk away from what seemed like the perfect fit. We went tv shopping an hour later and expressed our gratitude for getting an even bigger tv for less than the cost of the old one! I’m telling you… Gratitude is a lifestyle. The next day I very politely turned down the house. Three hours later we came to find out that the square footage was misrepresented by about 25%. We dodged a bullet. Lots of signs don’t make sense and you definitely don’t always receive crystal clear messages. It’s all about the Feeling. When you believe you've been given a sign, ask yourself (in that very moment or shortly after) if you experienced any of the following:

  • Was any clarity provided?

  • Was there any kind of gravity towards a possible choice or direction?

  • Did you simply feel that some attention was needed in a particular space of your life.

This is what it means to go with your gut. If you’re paying attention… the Universe, God, or the Powers that Be usually extend a helping hand. And if you take it – life gets a whole lot easier and a lot more beautiful too. Are you finally ready to elevate your mindset, tap into the spiritual side of life, and listen to your higher perspective? Let’s get you there and make 2023 an authentic start to living your best life!!! Don’t waste another new year opportunity by not learning how to wield the power of your mind and heart and never seeing your dreams manifested into reality. Click below to get started or ask me about my group coaching program to kick off the NEW YEAR! I’m ready to work with Joe! I’m grateful for you, Joe

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