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Responding to Conflict

How do you react when another person is testing your patience or even worse, straight up pissing you off? I hate conflict – my fingers tremble, my heart rate skyrockets, my hands get sweaty – I'm at my worst. I began learning kung fu simply because of how uncomfortable conflict made me feel. I never had to use it and I still hate conflict just as much. After a while I learned that we're most likely going to experience our fair share of conflict – our power relies in the chosen response and NOT our instinctual, defensive reaction. Reacting is without choice and without intention. It's not the other person or event which steals our peace during a moment of conflict but rather our untrained reaction. Well don't fret because I've got you covered. I've outlined some powerful steps on how to change all that using the Power of Your Mind. But before jumping to the steps, I'd like to share some great news in my professional life! I've been teaching others how to transform their lives using the power of their minds… so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's working for me too! This past week alone I've experienced these huge professional wins:

  • Surpassed 335k followers on my social media platforms.

  • Surpassed 620 copies sold of my novel, Dreams of Antiquity. (I was told by a professional self-publishing consultant that most self-published authors don't breach 100 and 500 is very rare.)

  • Beat out a couple hundred applicants for a speaking engagement this summer at IANDS conference.

  • Was welcomed to be a guest speaker on a popular YouTube channel, Lee Carroll, this summer.

  • Received multiple publishers reaching out regarding my novel.

This is great momentum and I'm beyond grateful for all the blessings. And I don't believe this is happenstance – I believe my mind, my faith, my belief, and my intention is responsible for creating these wins. This is exactly what I teach others to do and I'm supremely passionate about helping you create amazing success in your life too. If you're interested in finally gaining some momentum towards your goals, please book a free call here: Book my Call with Joe! Here's my latest testimonial from a previous client, below. It's pretty amazing what Rona and I achieved together! I'm grateful for you, Joe

“Working with Joe has been one of the best decisions I made. I found Joe on Tiktok and followed him for a while. Everything he said resonated with me and was thinking of reaching out to him, but I held off. One Saturday late morning Joe had a visualization exercise and was excited to try it. I opened my heart and mind. The experience blew me away! I was in tears! I shared my experience with two friends who I trust and would understand it, even just explaining the experience brought me to tears. It was at that moment I knew I simply had to reach out to Joe to see how we could work together. At the time when I reached out to Joe, I was in a dark place mentally. My job was taking a toll on me. I was resenting my job and what they were expecting of me. I was working weekends and overtime nearly every day. I was burned out. I knew I had to change how I was thinking in order to change my situation. I knew Joe would be able to help me out with that. We started communicating via email, and then we had a phone call. I decided no matter the cost, I needed Joe’s help to get me to a better place mentally and help me out of this situation. Believe me when I say he was hard on me sometimes but it was necessary to help me think through things. Within 4 weeks of working with Joe, I got an offer in my hand from a company I manifested. I got a 25% pay raise with a much better bonus. Best of all, this job was in a different State that I wanted to move to, and they covered ALL my moving expenses without hesitation. Joe helped me change my mindset and I was able to manifest the perfect job with all the requirements I wrote down. I am forever grateful to Joe and how he has helped me. Now I go to work with a smile on my face every day!” ~ Rona

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality." Earl Nightingale

Responding to Conflict Step 1: As soon as you feel that negative energy (annoyance, frustration, anger, impatience) with another person or within a situation, immediately catch yourself and say: “Good job for not reacting.” Step 2: Begin counting backwards from 5 while taking deep breaths using your diaphragm. Step 3: Ask yourself this question: “How can the best version of myself RESPOND to this situation?” (notice how I use, “best version of myself” because in the moment it pushes us to be even better than we are. Step 4: The answer should come, but remain tethered to the 4 C's when taking action:

  1. Confidence

  2. Composure

  3. Calmness

  4. Compassion

Step 5: Follow through knowing we are not saying or doing anything based on the other person's response, our sole purpose is to maintain our own peace & presence. Every time we react to another's prodding we become a slave to their intentions. Every time we respond as we desire, we become our own Masters.

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