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Are You Teaching Your Kids This?

It’s hard being a kid. Everything, everywhere is screaming at them, and the message is crystal clear. You don’t have this & you need it. When I was a kid the constant keeping Up with the Joneses was stressful. There were so many toys and every time I got a new one I was already focused on the next. After summer break I’d wear my favorite outfit and get ready for the first day back to school. I’d see all the kids with their brand new Jordans and my eyes went wide with envy. I remember trading my puma pumps with a kid who had Jordans but his feet were smaller than mine. I couldn’t even run but I didn’t care. My mom made me trade them back and I still think about them to this day. He-Man, G.I. Joe, Trans-freaking-formers, I needed them all. No matter what I had, everything on the television told me I needed more. And I believed it. Our family room television was the only screen I was seeing on a regular basis. Kids these days have an iPads setup in front of the potty. That’s not changing anytime soon, if anything the technology of advertising and marketing will become an even bigger part of our day-to-day lives and therefore our children’s. That’s OK, that’s actually a really good thing if we perceive it to be. It all comes down to perception. What are you teaching your children to perceive every single day? Because when we’re not teaching them to focus their perception on a particular aspect of life, there are many other influences highlighting the exact area they want your children to focus on. It’s not on what they have, but rather on what they don’t. I’ve taken on three new clients in the last 10 days. And before we agree to work with one another it’s imperative that we a discovery call. This is a consultation call in which they lay it out for me, and tell me exactly what it is they want to achieve in their life and I tell them if I’m able to help them out. Every single one of them is looking at what they don’t have instead of what they do. A lot of my clients are parents and I teach them some truly life altering practices - these help ignite a total life transformation, and pretty quickly too. It comes down to this: Gratitude for who you are and what you have. It’s easy to tell a person to look for things to be grateful for but it’s a heck of a lot harder training your mind and your perception to find it.

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Kids are different though. They say kids can learn new languages much easier than adults because they are learning something for the first time instead of trying to re-learn something over what they know. They also say that EVERYTHING they experience from day one until they’re around seven years old is literally molding their subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is responsible for manifesting 95% of our reality, or life as we know it. Imagine if from the very beginning, we trained our children to look for the Gratitude. By doing so you would guarantee them an extraordinary perceptive with the ability to stay centered in presence and perceive all that they are and all that they have with appreciation. We can train our children to be supremely happy no matter what they want to do with their life. And it really doesn’t take much other than a daily conversation. “What happened today that made you grateful and why?” Ask them this question every night and ask for two or three examples. But also open up, and share with them what made you grateful as well. Without them even knowing it, you’ve just sent them on a treasure hunt. Every day they’re going to be mindful of things, events, situations and other people who make them feel gratitude. Gratitude is an intensely powerful emotion because it’s tethered to every other positive feeling. Someone makes you laugh, you’re grateful for it. You see a beautiful landscape, you’re grateful for it. You experience a nice subtle breeze and the warmth of the sun, you’re grateful for it. You feel the love of another, you’re grateful for that. By training our children to look for examples of gratitude every single day, you’re teaching them to be present with the positive emotions which make them feel good. There’s only so much a child can perceive every day. So if they're looking for reasons to feel happy, they’re going to find them. And this limits the opportunity to find reasons why they're unhappy. You’re training their mind and therefore perception to see life for what it is, and to be grateful for it instead of looking for reasons to be upset because life isn’t what it could be. “The root of all suffering is desire.” So tonight when you’re sitting down for dinner, don’t ask them how their day went. Ask what made them grateful. Imagine raising a child who’s trained to be present in their many blessings, who instinctively finds the beauty in life no matter what profession they pursue or how they spend their time. I can’t think of a greater gift to give my son. If you’d like to master your mind and therefore perception, please have a look at working with me. Everything will change for the better, and you will experience a very profound transformation - if you’re ready for it of course. Please share this email with a friend who may need it! I'm grateful for you. Joe Hehn

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