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10 Steps for Goal Crushing

Are you ready to set goals, take action, and ACTUALLY achieve your desired success?

If you feel that's it's time to make some changes but don't know where to start, this here message is for YOU!

I used these exact same steps for:

  • Writing & self-publishing my debut novel, “Dreams of Antiquity: The Awakening”

  • Launching then growing my coaching business into a 6-figure success in under a year.

  • Remodeling, showing, and selling our home before making a cross-country move.

  • Establishing my personal care + wellbeing goals and situating my mind and heart into a peaceful and positive state. (This was by far the hardest but also the most rewarding)

And remember… you don't have to figure EVERYTHING out right now, just what's important and possible within the next 1-3 months.

Long term goals are established once we're a bit more grounded and secure within short term accomplishments.

Thinking small term on a weekly basis leads to thinking bigger and building momentum in the right direction.

Don't forget to celebrate any and all progress through a well-established Gratitude Practice, this sets the tone of presence and appreciation through the journey instead of obsessing solely on the achievement of our desires.

Every step towards a goal is the furthest we've been and therefore IS the summit.

You cannot lose if you see your quest towards success this way.

Never forget this – this kind of mindset will liberate you from stress, anxiety, pressure, and fear – helping you realize some true Growth!

Speaking of growth – I'm going to be incorporating LIVE Coaching in a podcast style format this year!

I'm looking for some courageous guests who are willing to open up and share a bit about:

  • Past and present struggles.

  • Details of their personal or professional life.

  • Goals and desires of healing, growth & success.

You won't have to share your entire life story either, we can simply discuss a particular block, struggle, or situation you feel needs some structured attention & love.

We'll discuss the issue and I'll happily provide guidance, support, encouragement as well as a defined action plan to help you heal, grow & thrive.

This can be done anonymously or not, whatever you're comfortable with.

The great news… it will be completely free of charge.

My hope is to inspire others through your courage and then provide you, as well as them, the means to healing and growing into a more present & positive space.

If you're interested in learning a bit more about this opportunity, please email me at:

I'm so very grateful for your consideration and hope we can accomplish some insane results together!

Don't forget to check out the Top 10 Steps for Crushing your Goals this New Year! (Below)

As always… if you're in need of a coach, mentor or friend to help encourage you into the BEST version of yourself, please consider allowing me the honor of guiding you there.

With love & gratitude,


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