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10 Tools for Becoming Badass

Spring is in FULL swing – but are You? If not let's getcha sorted with these 10 things to help boost your mental & emotional well-being. With everything included below, you're sure to rocket into a new well-being routine. If only you can hold yourself accountable to doing what it takes to BE the change you desire. It's really hard for most people to hold themselves accountable. So I've also included a few tips on how to stay dedicated & determined. For those of you looking for a MASSIVE transformation please consider making the best investment in your well-being: Learn how to Master Your Mind! Your thoughts bleed into every aspect of your life, for the good and bad alike. If you're ready to become a mindful master – but don't know where to start, check out these options below… Let's do this, Joe! Here's where I'm at… Just getting started and want something Free: Joe's FREE Membership Been at this for a bit and need some Direction & Support: The Art of Self-Empowerment Membership I'm ready to change EVERYTHING: Joe's Mentorship I live in Southern California and want to attend a Workshop: Book my Ticket!

  1. Daily Gratitude Practice – Look for 10 daily experiences that make you FEEL appreciation.

  2. Fasting – Eat between 12pm and 8pm while drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

  3. Cold Showers/Plunges – Jump into a lukewarm shower then turn the temp down as far as it goes for the last 2 minutes or more. Or jump into a cold bat for 6 minutes.

  4. Journaling – Write down what's troubling you and why you're equipped to overcome it.

  5. Visualization – Script out an experience you want for yourself in the near future and share how it makes you FEEL with all five sense as well as emotionally. Close your eyes and imagine yourself thriving in the visualization.

  6. Stretching – Give those muscles some love with a 5 - 10 min daily stretch.

  7. Positive Affirmations – Give yourself a daily dose of motivation by speaking positive affirmations while driving, showering, doing the dishes or folding laundry. Try, “”I'm proud of you and you're worthy of any success you pursue."

  8. Helping Others – Take the spotlight off yourself for a bit and help another person or group. This is one of the MOST REWARDING things you can do for yourself. Look for in-person volunteer opportunities near you.

  9. Speak with a Coach, Mentor, Therapist, Etc. – You're not alone and you don't need to figure everything out all by yourself. It's not a sign of weakness working with someone, it's a sign of courage and self-love.

  10. Breathwork – Mastering your breath is one of the quickest benefits one can accomplish with really big payoffs! Check out box breathing or cyclic sighing.

Accountability Check

  1. Use a post-it note and leave directions on your bathroom mirror, car dashboard, workplace, or fridge reminding yourself to do what it takes.

  2. Set reminders in your phone to go off when it's self-care time.

  3. Instead of a gym buddy or workout partner, commit to your personal & professional development tasks with a friend.

  4. Write your affirmations on your bathroom mirror and read them every time you're making yourself pretty.

Wishing you SUCCESS! I'm grateful for you, Joe Hehn

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