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Deleting Negative Thoughts

I just returned from our first family vacation, a week in Cabo San Lucas.

I heard something recently, I think it was an Instagram meme that said:

“Parents don’t go on vacation, they just watch their kids someplace new.”

I chuckled a bit because yes, I believe that’s partially true… we had an amazing time together but it wasn’t without a bit of mental struggle.

I had a few negative thoughts to manage, but not from wrangling a toddler and CONSTANTLY managing the thermostat.

The reason being is because of the time of year.

We left on July 11th, which is my father’s birthday. He passed away just over a year and a half ago.

Coincidentally, that’s also Oliver’s one and a half year bday. He actually weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born. (Def a little sign from Dad that he got to say hi to his grandson before he was born)

July 15th is also the anniversary my late wife’s passing.

So here I am… sitting in one of 12 pools, sipping on a very warm Modelo, watching my little family dance to Enrique Iglesias WHILE having some pretty negative thoughts.

Isn't vacation supposed to be my break from all this stuff?

Negative thinking is a common occurrence and you can't escape it with a trip to Cabo.

But what you can do is decrease the time you spend entertaining the negative thoughts and find your peace instead.

This will help you experience a RAPID shift:

Negative SpaceNeutral SpacePositive Space

That positive space is pretty sweet, it's like a vacation for the mind.

So while I may have suffered through a few negative thoughts while bathing in sunblock… I quickly & efficiently escorted them from my mind so that I could instead enjoy the poetic enchantment of Rhythm Divine. (Oliver's fav song btw)

Deleting negative thoughts isn't luck, there's a process and one that works. (If you want to make lasting & sustainable change)

Here's the step-by-step process laid out for you in this video.

Do yourself a favor and invest 10 minutes in your mental & emotional health – I promise you'll begin building confidence mastering your mind, your thoughts, and your life.

With Gratitude!


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