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The Convergence of Spirituality, Religion & Science

Before I forget, sorry about not getting a newsletter out last week… I was packing up our home and then prepping for the cross country move.

We're in our new place and as happy as can be!

Okay, onto the good stuff…

Everything, everywhere, all the time, is waiting on YOU to make the difference in your life that you've always wanted.

But do you know how?

Did you know that medically speaking, your surrounding reality or life is presented to you based on your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings?

There's a bundle of nerves which sits in your brainstem called the Reticular Activating System or RAS. It's job is to control what incoming information (stimulus) you’re aware of, so that you’ll be motivated to behave in a certain way.

It’s a “guard” or filter that sits between your brain and your senses (sight, hearing, touch etc.) and filters what information gets through and what doesn’t.

For example, if you like a certain car, you'll begin seeing different versions of it ALL. THE. TIME.

The RAS filters out terabytes of stimulus every week because we don't need all that information, it would actually serve to overwhelm us.

We only “see” what we're looking for…

So if you feel and believe that your job sucks, or that you'll never find love, or make good money, or know your purpose, or find meaning in life, then guess what kind of evidence will flood your brain each and every day?

Everything possible to confirm those beliefs.

You'll see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, & FEEL it.

Guess what else…

There's this cool little experiment called the Double Slit experiment in which scientists observed how these little particles of matter acted while being monitored.

Something incredibly interesting occured…

When the electrons were being watched or observed, they acted like particles or matter but when they were left to their own devices, they acted more like waves.

Basically, they didn't materialized or manifest into matter until observation was placed upon them… kind of like they knew to become matter when ignited by presence.

Many people believe this proves that our entire reality, which is composed of these quantum particles and waves, is not officially “real” until conscious observation triggers it into form.

So can what we think, feel, and believe entice the quantum reality surrounding us into a particular experience?

The answer is… YES!

Well what does spirituality and religion have to say about this?

Olliver's first plane ride – Our first Christmas tree pic together – My first night being back in San Diego – Ollie at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

According to the Law of Attraction: “We attract that which we are.” According to Buddha: “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” According to Krishna: “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” According to Christ: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." ALL signs point to one truth - your conscious power has the authority and power to create the kind of life you desire for yourself. Have you ever learned how to do this? It kind of stinks that we were never taught how to establish empowering beliefs, control and train our thoughts, or regulate our emotions. How incredible would that have been to learn in middle school instead of playing dodgeball? The reality I've created for myself is teaching people like YOU how to train their conscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to create the kind of life they really desire for themselves instead of settling for anything less. Are you ready to transform your mind and therefore entire life in 2023? Are you sick of settling for an unfulfilled life? Do you want to learn how to attract that “missing thing” into your future reality? Or do you simply want a peaceful mind that serves and empowers you from one day to the next? Doing all three is a superpower and it's never too late. If you're ready to step into the best version of yourself and the greatest season of life, then be sure to ask how we can work together. Simply reply to this email or check out this link here: Work with Joe I've helped to transform hundreds of minds and lives at this point, including my own – I can tell you there's no greater reward than a peaceful and positive mind. I'm grateful for you! Joe

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Here's a little taste: “His calls of grief beckoned others, darkening the doorway with the arrival of Owanna’s parents. The two larger and older versions of Jiemba and Owanna hesitated for only an instant, briefly looking to one another, before wordlessly darting towards their daughter and Mulungwa. They enveloped the weeping pair within a joint embrace. No questions were asked as they melted into a pile of lamentation. Their hearts, their empathy, and their love merged with Gracien like ice melting into water. They had no reason to join in such sorrow, yet deep down within, they knew an unspoken truth: what they didn’t know and what they couldn’t know, was reason enough to love her. Their purpose was to grieve the unknown, to share in the sorrow of something unimaginable and incomprehensible, and to mourn this something with their beloved daughter. Gracien began to exhale as he felt this immense wave of love wash over him, embracing the love of his family.”

I'm Grateful for YOU!

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