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Modern Day Manifestation

Hey Friends – It's been a minute and I've missed writing to you as well as hearing from you!


I stepped away from the blog because I realized I was taking on way too much. I needed some time for clarity and focus. I've found it and I feel great. Thank you to those that reached out to conduct a proof of life check. Love to you all.


Catching you all up… Suzy, Ollie and I are thriving. He's getting so big – nearly two years old (nervous chuckle) and we're learning a ton every day. I’ve been quite busy restructuring some things on my end which include: 


A new and improved website (with nearly all of my past blog journal posts – definitely be sure to check it out.)


Officially launched my keynote and motivational speaking. Very excited about this one! I think you’ll love the new reel:


Hosting my first All-Day Mindset and Transformational Workshop in 2024! This sends tingles down my spine. Think of 6 months of life coaching packed into one solid day – tickets will be in-person and virtual (early bird special pricing right now too):


I’ve got tons in store for 2024 including group coaching, a brand new YouTube channel, corporate mindset coaching, and a new book – maybe even two!


And here’s a sneak peak of a soon to be published article of which I was interviewed, enjoy!


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I’m wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season – I hope your time with loved ones is enriching and fulfilling.


With Gratitude,

Joe Hehn

Suzy, Oliver & I taking in a pretty epic sunset:)


Manifestation culture, undeniably, has boomed in the last few years. Why do you think this age-old practice is clicking with so many people in this moment?

Because people are evolving beyond social, religious, family, and cultural conditioning regarding what they are/were told would make them happy and successful. Depending on the generation, they’ve either figured out that going to school, getting the degree, getting the job, buying the house, getting married, kids, etc. hasn’t delivered the fulfillment they were promised or they’re a bit younger and got wise ahead of time.


People like the idea that they’re in control of their destiny. They want to feel like they have a say in what kind of overall life they choose for themselves as well as the particular kind of experiences in which peace, fulfillment, abundance, and self-worth are delivered. And rightfully so, who wouldn’t want to take the wheel and pick a destination on the road trip called life? They also want to heal. Every person out there is lugging around a ton of mental and emotional trauma or hardship. Manifestation can be the solution for this, or may serve as a gateway to something better.


How do you quantify and measure success with those you coach?

For me it’s a matter of my clients experiencing a total inner transformation. Ultimately there are endless potential outcomes which you could say justify success. It’s not about “getting” something but rather becoming more than you once were. To me this is evident by how much better my clients think and feel about themselves and the life they’re living. 


But I’m not a manifestation coach per se, I teach people how to transform the way they perceive themselves and their world. This is based on perspective and mindset. It’s kind of like taking a black and white photograph and making it colorful, the image doesn’t change but the radiance and energy does. Given a bit more determination, dedication, and time the image itself will also change. Most people experience a shift and once that builds some momentum, we focus on making the change sustainable. 


From there, what they manifest is a byproduct of their intention. Some folks don’t care to attract anything in particular, they simply want that rocking chair partner with a decent porch and a killer view. They want peace, to feel confident about themselves, and find meaning in the day to day. Others are out to attract a very particular experience, like ordering an off-menu item. In both approaches, I believe it boils down to training one’s consciousness in order to empower instead of disempower the thinker. Success means finding fulfillment within the day to day, feeling blessed to be the main character of your personal movie, and knowing that any future experience won’t “save” you – it’s simply a continuation of one’s gratitude and peace. What it means to be successful is a very personal thing these days and I think that’s beautiful. That’s a whole lot better than an external force pressure cooking you into some antiquated mold of success.


In my research, I’ve seen many content creators discuss astrology, quantum physics, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, tarot, and new-age spirituality. I’d love to hear if you think there’s any overlap between these categories and manifestation and, if so, how do they inform one another?


I love this quote from Tony Robbins, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” It’s all about your beliefs baby. It’s hard to change your beliefs because frankly, it’s scary – that’s all ego. When teachers, guides, coaches, etc. bring in alternative methodology, it’s a matter of connecting with an audience desperate for that dose of inspiration, motivation, or guidance for believing they're capable of realizing the change they desire.


There’s no secret, elite, or most efficient approach to manifestation. That’s clickbait. Everyone is on their own journey and they have very intimate and beautiful needs in order to heal and evolve. One individual may think manifestation is a bunch of woo-woo snake oil until they’re served up an explanation backed by neuroscience and studies on mindset and the placebo effect. Another person may feel a deep connection to astrology and ride that particular wave of ascension. The self-improvement and personal-development industry is like an enormous international buffet with endless options. People need to eat and there’s no “best” cuisine or flavor, it simply depends on what tastes good to you.


I advise my clients to try whatever you can and find your flavor. If you taste something at a buffet and don’t like it, most likely you won’t sit there judging another if it suits them. You move on to the next dish until you find what you like. Tastes change over time, and that’s a good thing. Find your jam and enjoy until it no longer serves you. If things fizzle out, find gratitude for the time it served you then move along with a satisfied smirk and a curious eye.


How does this wave of manifestation culture differ from its prior iterations?

Before with the book and movie, “The Secret”, and other methods of guidance, the law of attraction and manifestation were made to look like Harry Potter wizardry. With developments and understanding in neuroscience, quantum physics, and mindset/positive thinking, people are beginning to understand that it’s not some clandestine magic but rather an endeavor in disciplining your consciousness. From there, many benefits arise such as: replacing anxiety, worry, stress with excitement and positivity, thought training for choosing the form taking up space in the temple of your mind, introduction to meditation and self-care, or simply finding meaning and value where you once were blind.


And while the current manifestation hubbub is on par with that of former times, it’s because people are being led to believe they can manifest anything in weeks, days, or even hours. And while this is certainly possible, it can be misleading and even dangerous. Mental health hardship is skyrocketing and people are suffering. They need a lifeline; they need real help. Of course, you can win the lottery, but what are the odds? Packaging manifestation as a quick, effortless fix to all your problems is irresponsible. Lasting change usually takes a level of commitment and determination that doesn’t align with “manifest a lambo overnight!”


What’s incredibly beautiful about manifestation is that it’s a gateway to a whole new world. Did you picture Aladdin and Jasmine cruising along on the magic carpet just now? I sure did. Some people use manifestation as their introduction to deeper inner healing and sustained growth. Given proper commitment, one day they realize they’re surrounded by the materialization of deep-seated desires poured into all those journal entries and daily affirmations. Others burnout because the overnight manifestation hocus-pocus didn’t work. But they keep looking for answers, usually discovering some mouthwatering dish while touring that self-improvement buffet. How glorious is that?


Either way, these days manifestation is all the hype and I think that’s epic. People deserve to know their power and that they have a lot more opportunity than led to believe from dusty belief systems. It’s more popular these days because folks are getting wise to wanting real fulfillment and peace – and deservedly so. In the end, manifestation can mean something different for everyone.  So, if people use it to search within themselves for meaning and love – then that’s the best investment they can make.


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