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Stop convincing yourself you need more money.

Instead convince yourself you’re worthy of the experiences money can provide.

When Suzy and I decided we wanted to buy a house this past year, I knew that making the finances work would be a bit of a stretch.

  • We decided to drop everything and move across the country to be with my father as he battled cancer.

  • I had to shift a ton of my attention towards helping him and mom instead of working and therefore producing income.

  • Suzy had to quit her job and find a new one.

  • We also just closed on a piece of property in Idaho six months earlier.

I didn’t focus on all the obstacles we were facing but instead visualized us being in a beautiful home and raising our newborn baby.

And when I say I visualized it, I literally imagined the experience while in meditation. I saw myself playing with the dogs in a massive yard, sipping wine and dancing in a beautiful kitchen, snuggling our little newborn on a big king bed in our primary bedroom, tinkering on my motorcycle in the garage, and enjoying the fireplace and a tasty beverage as I worked on my laptop.

I didn’t consider what this dream vision would cost in dollars and cents. I just felt with every cell in my being that we were worth that experience – so much so that I saw it as our destiny.

And one day we stumbled upon an amazing house that happened to be listed for the exact same amount we were pre-approved for on our loan. We showed up two hours later with our realtor thinking we had an appointment – we were wrong. She messed up, our appointment was actually the next day. This was not a coincidence.

The owners were nice enough to let us in even though we disrupted their quiet Saturday afternoon. We immediately fell in love with the house.

Later on Suzy shared that as soon as she saw me walk out to the back deck to speak with the owners, she knew we were going to get this house.

Even though there were multiple offers and everything at the time was going for a well above asking, our offer was accepted at the list price.

Now for the fun part, actually buying the house.

Through the loan process, it seemed like every single day we had one new obstacle after another. No matter what arose, I never caved into thinking this would be the one preventing us from getting this house – I just knew that we would find a way.

A bunch of these ”coincidences“ kept happening, none of which made any sense, but all of which brought us closer finalizing the purchase.

We even received a surprise lump sum through the process which reduced our closing cost by 50%. Holy bananas.

And I’m not even gonna get into the remodel we were able to pull off due to the help of friends and a lot of my dad‘s coworkers hooking us up left, right, and center.

Half a year later and here we are all snuggled up in our new sanctuary of a home. I’m typing this letter out with my fireplace blazing while sipping on a tasty beverage. We hosted a small get together for Easter and had a wonderful time with some of my extended family meeting Oliver for the very first time.

Life is a dream and it didn’t “cost” anything either.

It’s not about the dollar amount, it’s about the experience you desire through your time here. It’s about feeling you’re not only worthy of the experience but grateful for it ahead of time. And it’s about using the correct mindset techniques to attract it into your reality.

Money is a very sensitive topic for most because so much of our self value, as well as our social value, is determined by how much money we make.

Pick a number that you want to make every year. It doesn’t matter what it is, just pick a number which you feel is reasonable and attainable.

Now answer this simple question, can you list off more reasons why you can’t make that number happen or more reasons why you can andddd why you deserve it?

Your answer will either be a red light or a green light on whether or not you have the opportunity to make that kind of income. It’s not the circumstance of your reality which determines your wealth but rather your perspective of it.

The beautiful part about all of this is that even if you did limit yourself by listing off all the reasons you can’t make that kind of money, you can reprogram your mindset into the positive and possible and manifest that kind of income into your life.

That’s the case for whatever it is you wish to experience in life, and it doesn’t have to be money. It can be health, helping others, lifestyle, success, spiritual growth and your connection with God, Source, the Universe, self-love and growth.

With the correct Mindset and Manifestation practices and techniques, you can convince yourself that you’re worthy of whatever experience you truly desire in this life.

If you’d like to retrain your mindset, here’s a link for a FREE beginners course to help you get started.

Get Started.

If you’d prefer a more personalized form of guidance & coaching, please consider working with me directly. After a free twenty minute consultation call, you’ll know if my mentoring is the next step for you.

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