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Bad Day

Ever have a bad day where you just can’t seem to break free from a toxic funk? One of those days where you’re dragging around ten extra pounds, your face feels like gravity is twice as strong, your bones hurt, frustration is a second language, and motivation is a distant memory? I was also sneering at inanimate objects and signing off my emails with:

I hate you.


Your mom.

I knew if I didn’t try and break free by the afternoon my night was going to be hell. Break free? It’s kind of funny because what was I trying to break free from? A straight jacket, an ugly sweater, an awkward convo? There wasn’t anything to escape from because it was my perception that was out of focus, nothing else. Everything was glazed in shit and I hated it.

No matter what tricks I tried; breath work, cold shower, turf smoothie, lots of cursing, impressive poop… I just couldn’t set myself free. Even my coffee was frustrating because it didn’t do that magic thing where it rockets me into the day’s excitement like a youngster’s first playboy. Then I thought of something, what if I stop trying to dump the depression and just start over. Now I know I can’t just start my day over like Phil Conners, but I can “start my day” from right now – this very moment.

Days don’t have to be good or bad, rough or easy and the measure of a day doesn’t have to be in 24 hour increments. So I hit the reset button instead, forgetting the morning like it was, well like it was yesterday.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and asked myself how I wanted to feel right now. That was easy: peaceful, productive, inspired, happy, entertained, and a dash of lucky. I imagined myself feeling that way: sitting on a surfboard watching the sunset, riding my motorcycle, meditating in a hammock, hanging with friends, laughing with family, working on my novel. Then I exhaled, opened my eyes and scanned my immediate environment as if I had to recall everything in great detail: the grain of wood used in my desk, the bluish-gray sky color, the smell of cold coffee, the hum of my heater, the chill coming off the window, the beat of my heart and the lull of my breath. I took another deep breath and said, “Thank you for this peace, thank you for this beauty. It will carry me through the day.” Finally, I allowed myself to feel grateful for how I felt and my fresh start. Because guess what hijacked my mood like a seasoned buccaneer? Peace, inspiration, and happiness. I even felt a little lucky, so I ran down the stairs and flirted with Suzy, okay well I guess I just felt lucky is all. Good enough for me.

I didn’t have a bad morning, that moment doesn’t even exist anymore, only this one does. This right now, you reading this email when you’re supposed to be doing work or folding laundry, this is the only moment that ever exists. We don’t have to qualify our day as good or bad, it’s easier to live moment to moment and forget the sour ones.

If you find yourself having a bad day, week, or moment follow these steps:

Mindful Reset

Step 1: Close your eyes & take a deep breath.

Step 2: Ask yourself how you want to feel right now.

Step 3: Visualize yourself feeling that way through different experiences. (don’t steal mine either)

Step 4: Open your eyes and take another deep breath and then take an in-depth inventory of your surroundings using all of your senses.

Step 5: Speak this phrase: “Thank you for this peace, thank you for this beauty. It will carry me through the day.”

Step 6: Be grateful for your reset and the beautiful moment.

Step 7: (Optional) Try and get lucky with your S.O.

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I’m so freaking Grateful for YOU!

Joe Hehn


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