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What is Your Heart's Desire?

If you’re struggling to find your passion and purpose, then this story will help you… What if you found yourself in an old hidden book store one day – all the way in the back in a dimly lit section? Your fingers grazed over these very old, leather bound books, some of which were deteriorating with the simplest of touch. But then you stumbled upon one of them that seemed to awaken as soon as you took hold of it. A light glow rose from it as you opened the book only to discover that the pages were blank. A feather slipped from it, spiraling down to the ground and falling on your shoe. The feather felt heavier than it looked, it was a radiant gold with an indigo tip. Somehow, you knew that you were meant to use this feather to write into these pages. You just knew that you had stumbled upon something supremely powerful. You rushed up to the cashier, paid for the book, and hurried home. You closed all the curtains, turned off your phone, dimmed the lights, took a deep breath, then opened the book. But to your surprise a message magically appeared all on its own: "What is your heart's desire?" Shivers ran up your spine as you took the feathered quill and began writing. “I want to be extremely rich and financially free.” Your message seeped into the pages before a response materialized. ”This is not your hearts desire.”

If this email resonated with you, can you please share it with a friend or two? Thank you for spreading the message:)

You think for a moment, trying to let go of all the material things you wanted before asking yourself why you wanted them. You realize that it’s not money you want per se, you just kind of hate your job. And it’s not that you hate your job really… you’d just rather be doing something else and getting paid to do that instead You take a deep breath, and then write down your response: “I want to be a famous author and write fiction novels.” Again your words seep into the Pages before the response comes. “This is not your hearts desire.” You sigh in frustration before realizing that you probably don’t need to be famous, it’s not the fame of being popular and liked that makes you feel good but the actual act of writing. You take the quill and quickly write down: “I want to be a fiction novelist.” The response appears: “This is your hearts desire, but do you believe in yourself?” You feel this angst bubble up in your chest as you weren’t expecting this kind of experience with this magical book. You grit your teeth and scribble down your response, “Yes, of course I believe in myself.” The response takes time, appearing slowly: “Then why are you not living out your hearts desire?” What is your true heart’s desire and do you believe in yourself? Those are the only two things you need to remind yourself of every single day while pursuing the kind of life you want. Everything that unravels from that point forward is a stepping stone to help you live your hearts desire while simultaneously testing your resolve and belief in yourself. Please read that statement again because it's so very important for really understanding as we progress along in life. This is what I help others do:

  • Discover their passion & purpose or heart's desire. (Lots of people don't know theirs actually)

  • Pursue their heart's desire.

  • Implement the belief system, mindset, and heartset to successfully achieve their heart's desire.

  • Sustain their new way of life and THRIVE.

Here's a recent text from one of my clients: "I’ve been laughing to myself thinking of you for the last week. The girl I am seeing now, it cannot be going any better. The way we get along, and the way she treats me is far beyond what I could have ever imagined! I have received more compassion and affection in the last few weeks than I’ve received in 25 years! We both just took ourselves off of as a result." If you're in need of this kind of guidance & support, please know that everything begins with a conversation on the possibility of us achieving great things, together. If you're ready to take the next steps and explore that possibility, simply fill out this form and I'll follow up with you immediately. It's an honor to take this initial step with you. I'm Ready to Take the First Step I'm grateful for you! Joe Hehn

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