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Stop Looking Forward to the Weekend

Imagine waking up every single day and dreading breakfast. And beyond that you also dreaded lunch. And all the time leading up to both meals as well as during them, you complain to anyone that listens about how much you hate both breakfast and lunch. Wouldn't you just love to be trapped on a canoe with this person for 8 hours? You can’t wait for dinner – the meal you’ve been looking forward to the entire bulk of your day. That’s what so many of us do when we’re constantly complaining about our week while looking forward to the weekend. The work week is five days out of seven which accounts for 71% of your time. Do you want to dread 71% of your life? That only leaves 29% of a life in which we’re pretty content - but unfortunately that’s not always the case is it. Because as Sunday rolls around we start getting the Sunday scaries, or experiencing anxiety over the week ahead. We can’t even experience a full weekend of peace or pleasure because our mind is already dreading what’s to come. Is it all that bad though? It’s not your fault, most of the time our perception or mindset traps us into trying to find all the reasons why we’re having a bad week or why we don’t like our job or commitments. That’s the job of the ego, to imprison us in a mindset which makes us feel upset. Good news is is that you are not only the inmate you're also the warden. And here’s how to let yourself out. For those of you that know me and are familiar with what I write about, you’re not gonna be very surprised with the answer. Gratitude.

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Being grateful for life as opposed to complaining about what is missing is the key to mindfulness and it will Set You Free. Place a reminder in your phone to go off Monday morning alerting you to look for 10 reasons to be grateful throughout your day. Don’t overthink it, a good BM takes up three of my reasons. Every night write your 10 reasons down using a pen, that’s right super old school like you’re Benjamin Franklin. The reason we write them down is because the gratitude seeps into our subconscious mind on a deeper level which is exactly what we want. And with our morning reminder to look for gratitude, we’re gonna find it every single day. This helps us establish a mindset of appreciating life for what it is instead of looking for a ton of reasons to complain. You're actually reprogramming your perception so that you can have a more fulfilling life. Give it a try and I guarantee once next Sunday rolls around, your anxiety over the week ahead won’t be nearly as strong and your week will be more fulfilling. If you need a bit more help than just getting rid of your Sunday Scaries and want to experience a robust transformation, then reply to this email and say, "Joe – what are my options for working with you?" Or click HERE. I’m grateful for you. Joe Hehn

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