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Sighing Out the Stress

Need an immediate solution for de-stressing and reducing your anxiety?

A team of researchers at Stanford University showed some pretty promising results for people using breathing techniques to de-stress.

What did they discover?

Folks engaging in cyclic sighing breathing techniques realized an impressive reduction in stress compared to others engaging in mindfulness meditation.

In their paper published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine, the researchers described their study of various types of stress reduction techniques.

Research for the study was conducted online, and it happened during the pandemic when stress was through the roof for many of us.

114 volunteers participated in one of the stress reducing techniques for ONLY five minutes each day for 30 days straight. Each volunteer also kept a journal to notate their change in stress and mental well-being.

The researchers discovered a popular trend among the volunteers: those using breathing techniques realized a bigger reduction in stress compared to those engaging in mindfulness meditation.

But what was the BEST breathing technique?

Cyclic sighing.

Ever notice yourself letting out a nice long sigh after an even longer day? It feels pretty good doesn’t it?

The sigh-like exhalation activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down heart rate and has an overall soothing effect on the body.

The double and deep breath helps with oxygenation and vitality.

I’ve been incorporating this into my meditations, workouts, and even while driving or washing the dishes… we’re still washing baby bottles so I have lots of time to practice my breathing techniques, sigh…

Try it out for yourself this week. It’s only 3 steps and all you need is about three breaths before you notice an improvement.

Cyclic Sighing Breathing Technique

  • Step 1: Breathe in through your nose.

  • Step 2: When you've comfortably filled your lungs, take a second, deeper sip of air to expand your lungs as much as possible.

  • Step 3: Then, very slowly, exhale through your mouth until all the air is gone.

To get the full effect though I repeat these deep sighs for about five minutes.

There’s only one other activity that I firmly believe can help to reduce your stress and anxiety with impressive efficiency: releasing our expectations!

Check out the video below to learn all about how harmful expectations are.

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