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Ready to Reduce Anxiety?

Our mind perceives our existence in three different perspectives: past, present, and future. When we consider the future our ego pulls us into a fear-based consideration and we experience a negative thought. And as a byproduct of that thought, we’ll suffer an accompanying negative emotion. Basically, the big mean ego tries to scare us with an unknown future, which then triggers bad thoughts, which then triggers bad feelings. The number one bad emotion tethered to the future is… Anxiety. There are also a few others that bubble up when we’re thinking about some future experience ending badly. Stress - Worry - Panic - Angst In order to eliminate anxiety, or these other emotions, we don’t need to make sense of every single instance our ego drags us down into a negative rabbit hole. Because there are an infinite amount of future possibilities - the ego picks one at random, makes us feel bad, and then all of a sudden we’re suffering through a gauntlet of anxiety. My family and I are planning on moving to California. Moving sucks, everybody knows that. So if I’m sitting in my office one day working on a new newsletter, and then for some reason I start thinking about all the work I need to do in order to move across the country. I might notice a little spike of angst in the center of my chest followed by the bubbling up of anxiety. I can then tell myself: “It’s OK Joe, everything will work itself out and that will be that.” And then 30 minutes later I’m editing a video and my mind thinks: “What if nobody watches this video on eliminating anxiety and you’re just wasting all of your time scripting, filming and editing it?” Again I experience a little bit of worry so I say to myself: “It’s OK Joe, I’m sure this video will find the right people and you will help someone.” When does the anxiety stop? “No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.” -Virginia Woolf-

When will my mind allow me to reside in peace and tranquility without considering some future possible experience that turns out horribly wrong? The answer kind of sucks. Never. So instead of picking apart my anxiety and trying to find peace on a case by case basis, I have a more efficient and effective way of eliminating it altogether. Through these steps you can train your mind to never, EVER, ever, ever, ever consider a negative future ever again, ever. Using this process you’ll begin to establish a new mindset in which you project a POSITIVE future experience or reality instead. The end result, you eliminate anxiety. Maybe you won’t eliminate 100% of your anxiety… but you’ll drastically reduce it. Just like with anything, repetition and commitment are vital to your success. I've broken everything down for you here: Master Your Anxiety | 6 Steps in 60 Seconds Watch Now I’m here if you have any questions:) Please know that I’m supremely grateful for you! Happy Halloween! Joe

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