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Evict a Toxic Mindset, Anxiety & Stress

This is one of the most challenging things to overcome but if you can do it, it’s probably one of the most rewarding things too. You are not your thoughts. You are the current of divine consciousness flowing behind them. “Wow Joe that’s such sage-ful wisdom. Why don’t you try telling that to the ceaseless stream of anxiety riddled thoughts rampaging through my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep.” I get it it’s not so easy separating yourself from your thoughts. But these three methods are going to help you gain some traction, which leads to momentum, which leads to experiencing longer and more frequent pockets of peace. Consistency is your best friend here so plug and play these methods as frequently as possible, and they won’t lead you astray. Method One Complaining - The more we complain about things that occur throughout our day and week, the more we train our mind to look for the stuff and therefore worry over more negative stuff that may happen over the upcoming days and weeks. That’s kind of what anxiety is in a nutshell. So over the next few days, make it a priority to check yourself every time you find yourself complaining. Each time you discover you’re all wrapped up wrestling some endless stream of thoughts that are making you angry, annoyed, impatient, or frustrated congratulate yourself. That’s right, pat yourself on the back. “Good job, Joe, for discovering that we’re complaining about something, now I’m going to center in on peace and gratitude instead.” Then think about one thing you’re truly grateful for having in your life instead. Embody an authentic emotion of appreciation so make sure the thing you think about, has the power to draw you into that authentic feeling. Repeat this if your mind tries to draw you back into complaining until it stops.

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Method Two Mindfulness - The present moment is a very powerful tool in keeping anxiety, stress and a toxic mindset at bay. We need to train ourselves to attend to it more frequently so that we can rely on it when we’re in a negative space. Over the next few days, every time you find yourself in the midst of a menial task such as folding laundry or washing dishes I want you to come to presents. Ask yourself this question: “What am I experiencing with all five senses?” Take an in-depth inventory of everything you are seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Take 10 deep breaths while you’re doing this and observe the flow of air coming in through your nostrils down into your belly and then back out. You should notice a nice peaceful awareness start to expand and deepen within yourself. Ride that wave as long as possible. 🤙 Method Three Stress, anxiety, and a toxic mindset can be reduced and even eliminated whenever we look at who we are and what we have with appreciation. When we experience a lot of stress, anxiety, and toxicity, it’s typically because we’re looking at everything we’re not, and everything we don’t have, and feeling a loss of control. List off three reasons why you are very special, gifted, and beautiful person. Then add another few lines about what you are grateful for having in your life just as it is. When you are doing this I want you to think about people all over the world who have a lot less than you do. Think of how blessed you are to be living the life you have with all the riches surrounding you. – – – If you add all three of these methods into your week, you’re going to notice a tremendous shift in your perspective of life which ushers in more presence, gratitude, and peace. If you’re looking to accelerate that shift and experience a Transformation, I invite you into my recently launched membership: Enlightened Evolution. This includes:

  • My Mindset & Manifestation Masterclass

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I’m also offering it at a promotional rate so if you’re ready to step into a Season of Abundance, Fulfillment, Peace & Love then be sure to join Now! I'm Ready! I’m grateful for you, Joe Hehn

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