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Don't Let the "Busy" Ruin Stuff

The Holidays = Busy. Gifts, parties, shopping, errands, end of the year work piling up, added expenses, festive experiences – the list goes on. But all this is meant for something, right? We’re supposed to enjoy ourselves through the holidays – that’s the point of it all but sometimes the busy gets in the way. Christmas Eve at my folks house was the party of the year. My parents have one of the old school homes with the separate dining room, living room, family room and an alley kitchen, which was better suited for a home half the size. It was awesome, because you’d make your way through these pockets of differing energies. Kids sitting around the 9 foot Christmas tree sprouting from a heap of presents as Elf plays in the background. The kitchen was a circus of culinary chaos lightly battered with a bit of stress and a whole lot of laughter. Three separate tables with family sitting elbow to elbow while sipping on a Manhattan or spiked eggnog. Uncles sporting a thick Chicago accent and a Mike Ditka mustache swapping hilarious stories. Frank Sinatra Christmas songs playing in the background and there wasn’t a person among us not experiencing a truly festive and wonderful time. I forgot to mention that my parents house was so over the top with Christmas decorations that any first time guest could’ve easily mistaken it for a Christmas store. My Dad had a very well stocked bar, so that helped too. We feasted like kings and queens then dove into a gift-giving experience so extreme that I’ve never seen another like it, even in a movie. And everyone was welcome. My main crew of friends is extremely diverse, and most of them wouldn’t miss the Christmas Eve party at the Hehn household. I’ll never forget one year, when my buddy, who happens to be Muslim, wrote and shared a festive themed story all while speaking in an embellished Chicago accent – in front of the entire party. It was epic.

These were taken from 2018:)

I think at that moment, it became glaringly clear that we really had something special. It was rare, it was pure and it was magical. For me this will be the first Christmas as a father and I heard an interesting quote the other day. “You never know the last time you’ll be holding your child.” One day you’re holding your little one, huffing and gruffing over how big they’ve gotten, and that will be the very last time ever. My father passed last year and those epic Christmas parties are now a thing of the past. You never know when the magic will run out. I know this message is a little bit more sad than my usual ones but there’s a reason behind this. Take as many moments as possible to take a deep breath, look around you, and smile with how blessed you really are. Don’t let the busyness steal away the holiday magic. I’m going to create new experiences and new traditions, so that I can celebrate this holiday season with my family and friends. I will always cherish what we had while simultaneously cherishing the opportunity to create something new and beautiful. That’s my goal this season while moving across the country with my family. We won’t even have all of our belongings come Christmas. We’ll be living in an empty house - but I guarantee we’ll celebrate the magic and find gratitude every step of the way. I've trained my mind to look for this and it's the MOST rewarding perspective anyone can have. If you'd like to begin the new year learning how to master your mind, thoughts, and feelings then be sure to inquire about my group coaching experience or my mentorship for 1:1 coaching! Don't waste another year NOT accomplishing your dreams and settling for an unfulfilled life – let's make some magic happen! Click here to Get Started Today: Work with Joe! I'm Grateful for YOU! Joe

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