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7 Steps for Financial Stress

TaxesUgh. Seriously ugh, right? Some of us may be suffering a bit of anxiety and stress due to the outpouring of mula – but don't worry, I've got you covered with these quick steps for financial anxiety & stress relief. Lmk if this helps and def practice after reading this email just to get the hang of things… I promise it can make a huge impact on your mental & emotional well-being and quickly! In case you missed it, my first ever Workshop was a wonderful success! I hope to see you at the next one which will be even better! I've decided to extend my promotional rate for consultation calls for the first FIVE people looking to take advantage of it! It's $100 OFF! (Normally $250) So if you're looking for a bit of direction, a splash of support, a dash of education, and a whole lotta guidance… then be sure to book your call asap. Book here: I'm READY! And don't spend too much time pondering whether or not this is the time to finally work with me – I'm only offering this to the first five folks to book it. And I can promise an amazing experience setting you up for a major transformational shift! Be sure to check out the Anxiety & Stress Relief Steps below and consider sharing this email with a friend or relative who may need a bit of help this tax season. I'm Grateful for you, Joe

Financial Anxiety & Stress Relief Step One: Observe when you're suffering from anxiety or stress through monitoring your emotional well-being. You'll feel pretty worried or riddled with anxiety/stress and you'll be thinking about money or the lack of it. Step Two: Reward yourself by saying, “Good job Joe for catching yourself feeling worried about money, now you can center in on peace and presence.” Step Three: Center in on the present moment by taking 10 deep breaths and asking yourself what you see, smell, taste, hear, and what you're touching. Make sure to use your diaphragm while taking those deep breaths. Step Four: Posture is important so stand up straight, bring your shoulders back, puff out your chest, and keep you chin parallel to the ground. Pick a point across the room and stare at it without blinking through the next steps. Step Five: Affirm a bright & prosperous future and begin thinking about your money concerns turning out as best as possible. Embellish here if you have to and begin constructing the details for a future abundant experience. Step Six: Visualize that future experience and try to make it real. See yourself checking a plentiful bank balance, taking a lavish trip, being generous through volunteering or charity work, or having that dream lifestyle. Make sure to incorporate what you see, smell, taste, hear and touch. Step Seven: Feel it and imagine how you would feel within that future experience – probably pretty darn grateful and thrilled. Try your best to authenticate those emotions through the visualization and really FEEL them run through you. Step Eight: Work towards your financial freedom by asking yourself what you can do every day to make some progress. Take that steps and then repeat as you gain momentum and growth. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm wishing you a prosperous and abundant experience! With Gratitude, Joe

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