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19 Noes Away from YES

I heard this great message the other day… What if you knew that you had to be rejected 19 times before achieving your desired success? Of course if you knew ahead of time how many times you’d have to experience rejection, things would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. It is however, almost always the case that given enough dedication, determination, and resilience that we will finally achieve our desired success. “Sure, that makes sense.” Reading this and agreeing with it is one thing, but it’s a much different challenge when we're navigating a gauntlet of rejection. What if you knew that you had to cycle through two dozen rejections in order to achieve your desired success? How would that change EVERYTHING for you? Instead of being bummed out, feeling defeated, or beating yourself up, you’d actually be pretty damn happy because this means you’re one rejection closer to success. This is the kind of mindset that places successful people on the podium. Once you experience a roadblock, a rejection, a flat out “not interested thanks," try not to look at it as a bad thing, but rather as a step in the right direction. Everything we experience in life is a lesson for us to gain something so that we can then apply what we learned into the next experience.

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” Angela Duckworth

Imagine a big train of dominoes leading to a huge golden one at the very end. If just one domino doesn't fall, the whole train of momentum stops. So each domino is a vital part of the process or journey so that we're sure to obtain that gold in the end. Every time you're rejected, every time you feel defeated, every time you ponder whether or not you should give up, say this: “Thank you for taking me one step closer to success.” With this kind of mindset we begin appreciating rejection instead of wallowing in our own despair and defeat. Do you know just how powerful this kind of mindset & energy? You become a success machine because “no” just doesn't exist, it's not part of your experience. There are no dead ends, only detours. Ask any successful person what got them there and they'll rephrase this exact mindset. What do you desire to experience most in this life? Have you allowed rejection to steal away your drive and excitement? If you need help elevating your mindset so that you can successfully pursue as well as obtain your desired success, I'm here to help! Work with Joe! Check out these testimonials from previous clients: Watch Now:) Did you know that right now, as you read these very words, you're closer than you've ever been to achieving your dream life – it's simply a matter of tipping over the next domino. The question that remains is… “What's your next domino?” I'm grateful for you, Joe

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