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How to "Think" Yourself Healthy

How hard is it eating healthy on Superbowl Sunday?

Did you know that if you merely believed you were eating healthy that your body wouldn't suffer as much?

There was this super fascinating study performed by a PhD candidate in the psychology department at Harvard University, Chanmo Park, that centered around actual sugar intake vs. perceived sugar intake.

Harvard, huh? Well La-Di-Da…

A heap of participants were served two different kinds of beverages labeled: “high in sugar” and “low in sugar” but those sneaky little scientists actually served them up the exact same sugar levels in both beverages.

Take a wild guess at what happened after measuring the participant's blood sugar levels both before and after they chugged down their tasty treat.

When participants BELIEVED the sugar content was higher than it actually was, they experienced a blood sugar spike.

When they BELIEVED the sugar content was lower than it actually was, they got VERY gassy.

Just kidding – making sure you're paying attention… when they BELIEVED the sugar was low their blood sugar levels were healthy!

Say Whatttt…

The study revealed that blood glucose levels are more aligned with the perception of participants in contrast to the actual sugar levels consumed.

My mantra for the superbowl party:

“This cake is kale, this cake is kale, this cake is kale.”

The power of your mind is much stronger than most even know, and it's super fast acting too!

What if you could use that to your advantage and let's say: heal an ongoing issue, strengthen your mental well-being, elevate your emotional well-being, or convince your boss to give you her job???

That would be pretty cool, if only you knew what to do and when??

Good thing for you I've updated my website to provide you with an immense amount of free information centered around why your BELIEFS affect your reality and how to get started mastering them, your thoughts, and even your emotions!

Believe you'll have a healthy Sunday and you WILL!

I'm grateful for you,


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