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Your Mind is Keeping You Trapped

Imagine booking a cruise to go explore the outer edges of Europe for 14 whole days. Ahhhh… a nice relaxing and adventurous retreat. In order to save some money you booked a cabin with two beds in which a complete stranger is going to be your roommate for the entire adventure. You fly off to Barcelona, board the ship, unpack, and then your new roommate walks in. They seem pretty nice at first but after about an hour of hanging out you start noticing they sure do point out a lot of negative stuff about the room. And it goes beyond that too as they're constantly drumming up anxiety over not feeling safe with all the possible things that can go wrong while being on the cruise. They're busy blaming themselves for taking this trip when they think they shouldn’t have and also becoming super angry any time something doesn’t go exactly the way they want. But before jumping ship you notice they're also really good at solving problems. You can ask them the quickest way to the cafeteria, they immediately jump into action finding the best route. You’d like to know the difference in time zones from Chicago to Paris, they figure that out in a snap. What’s 20% tip on top of your total room charge, they’ve got the answer. But there’s only so much time they're busy solving problems, the majority of it is spent being super negative, anxious, angry, and even depressed. They're kind of sucking the life out of the adventure. How fast would you change rooms or pay whatever it costs to upgrade and have your own cabin? How often does your mind act like that roommate?

"Thinking is a very bad master. If you’re dominated by thinking then your life becomes very restricted.” -Eckhart Tolle-

Probably more than you'd like it to be… Yes, sometimes you’re thinking mind is really good at problem-solving, and that’s super helpful but it’s not happening frequently enough for it to outweigh all the negative. Good thing you can upgrade your cabin by training this roommate or thinking mind to distance itself from your “true self”. I train people how to do this and it’s not so much that we're able to silence our roommate but rather we’re increasing the size of the room we both occupy. Most people don’t know they’re trapped with that negative narrator in a room the size of a linen closet. But once we discover we're not the thinking mind, through observation, something really beautiful begins to happen. That room we’re in gets bigger. We cause a little separation, give ourselves a little breathing room and the roommate distances itself from us. The more we work at training our mind to find and occupy the peace and stillness between thoughts, the larger that room continues to get. It gets so big that it’s not even a room anymore, but more like a house or a temple. Sometimes we’ll be in the living room all by ourselves having a peaceful and present experience, but then we get all rattled and that roommate comes barging in like a pissed off gorilla. Well there are steps to calm the beast, center back in on presence and peace, and send our roommate off into a different area in the temple of our mind. This isn’t always an easy process but holy smokes it's pretty damn rewarding. Once you start realizing how intrusive that thinking mind is at any given moment, you start figuring out that it’s been stealing your peace away for too long. And once we begin training our mind so stay within the peace life becomes pretty radiant. This is because we’re not expecting life to be other than what it is and we're grateful for all the blessings within it. This is what it means to be happy. I’ve started a new YouTube series all about training your mind so that you can eventually free yourself and know a very happy existence. Feel free to check it out below! And if you’d like a more personalized form of guidance be sure to check out how we can work together. Work with Joe I’m grateful for you, Joe

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