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Top 10 Lessons from 100 Spiritual Books

There was a turning point in my life in which I needed help.

I was suffering through a tremendous amount of emotional and mental anguish and I didn’t feel very comfortable speaking to anybody about this.

I was lost and alone. Well at least I thought I was, and so, I was.

So I read.

I began devouring “spiritual” books; self-help, religious, a bunch of esoteric stuff, mindset & mindfulness, poetry, and some powerful tales too.

I’ve read a lot of these kinds of books. Eighty-nine including what I’m currently reading and I’m probably missing a few.

So here goes it - my top ten takeaways from 89 spiritual books.

*These are not in any order of importance.

One – You are a powerful force that has the ability to affect your reality with the power of your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and energy. Learning how to control all of these means learning how to control the outcome of your reality.

Two – You are not your thoughts or your thinking mind, but rather the awareness behind them. Your thoughts are a tumultuous ocean surface while you are the current of divine consciousness flowing behind it.

Three – Your reality is the reflection of what you believe about yourself as well as your life. Your beliefs are manifested into physical reality through the power of your thoughts and your emotions.

Four – There are methods for tapping into your power so as to attract a particular reality or experience into the present moment using your subconscious and conscious mind. The most recognized is writing down your goals on paper and being very specific. Then meditate, read over, think about, and visualize achieving them and you will see them come true.

Five – Gratitude is the most powerful emotion for anchoring yourself into presence and peace, as well as drawing your desires of future success into the present moment.

Six – How you treat others is a reflection of how you value yourself. The most rude and mean people out there are also the most insecure with the lowest self-love and self worth – therefore they need your love the most.

Seven – There is one universal divine Consciousness, Universe, Source, or God. Everything in our known and unknown existence is a representation of this same divine force in various forms. An eternal divine ocean scattered into an infinite amount of droplets in which each droplet is an infinite divine ocean. This Source is experiencing itself in every infinite way.

Eight – You are this divine Consciousness, Source or God. The spiritual quest is first acquainting yourself with this truth then gradually strengthening this belief until you fully embody It with your entire being-ness – or rather It embodies you. Think of Christ, Buddha, or Lao Tazo.

Nine – There is no right or wrong way to achieve this, but your emotions serve as a compass, pointing you in a beneficial or unbeneficial direction.

Ten – There is no past and there is no future, only the precise moment, NOW. So in the end there is nothing to achieve in the future and nothing to fix from the past. You are perfect as you are here and now. You also experience your true divine nature in its most undiluted form when you’re fully present in the now.

As always I’m truly grateful for you and if you’re ever interested in learning more about any of these and how to apply certain practices to your life in order to experience something new, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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