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The Secret to Retraining Your Mind

Lots of people discuss having the proper mindset but what are the steps to implement one? And everyone’s mindset is all already very intimate and particular to their lifestyle, perspective, and energy or vibration.

Some people have trouble with anxiety and worrying over what the future will bring. Others can’t let go of a very challenging and traumatic past which tends to seep into the moment and steal away peace and joy. Or anger, frustration, patience (attachment to the present being other than what it is) is something everybody can use a little help with.

I suffered from all of these and continue to do so a little bit in certain areas. But I made a tremendous amount of progress, as have my clients, by implementing these steps. The quality of your life is determined by your perspective, so the point of this practice is to elevate your perspective to see life for what it is; then come to a place of presence and gratefulness for what life IS.

Simply put, that’s the secret to life well lived and here are the steps for retraining your mind and achieving a life well lived.

Step 1 – Observation…

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