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The Perfect Day

Imagine this... Your morning alarm goes off and you smile. Sunshine pours through the windows and you FEEL empowered with your healthy mindset. You can't help but smirk at the utter lack of anxiety for everything you need to get done, that doesn't happen anymore. Instead you feel excited for what lies ahead. You're grateful for being who you are and living your life! (Like realllllly grateful!) You jump out of bed, chug some water then settle in for your morning meditation. It's a thrill – it's not hard, it's not tedious, it's like a massage of the mind. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror after getting ready for work and you actually look BETTER than how you FEEL. You actually wink and smirk at yourself then laugh at the crazy. You've got pep in your step and you're honestly looking forward to work – SAY WHAT?!?! Yes, because you feel that you serve a purpose, you FEEL fulfilled each and every day, you make great money, and people are constantly telling you how good you are at your job annnnd... they love your vibe. "Nothing... like, gets you upset, you're always so happy and never triggered. It's almost strange – I want what you have." You're constantly noticing these weird coincidental events that happen all throughout your day – they make you feel ALIVE. It's kinda like you're the main character in one of those funny, feel good movies. It's as if you're dialed into something MUCH bigger than yourself. The right people come into your life ALL the time, at just the right time. It's weird but you wouldn't have it any other way. Like a dream puzzle coming together with the snap of the last piece, things always seem to work out perfectly for you. You're debt FREE, have a healthy savings, an awesome house, ideal lifestyle, and plenty of YOU time... and all without the hassle of working yourself to death. You haven't felt this confident, successful, charming and hot damn you look freakin sexy too! You're always catching people checking you out. Oh yeah, and you can just tell they're wondering what you do for work and what you know, that they don't. They can see it in your smile – you figured it out. People are always telling you you're so interesting because you "see" things differently – it makes them feel hopeful and better about themselves. Friends rely on your advice, the people you work with NEED you cuz you're the glue keeping all the personalities from killing one another, and your family adores you because you embody dedication and love. You crush your goals and feel like an unstoppable force of prosperity and success. It's almost not fair – but you love a good challenge. You're guided from within, you think clearly and without regret, stress, shame, or anger.

You've finally discovered the secret to life and success. It was there all along – you just never knew where to look. You're settled back home, done with work and officially clocked out because it's YOU time – time spent within the things you love and with the people who matter the most. Your adoring partner wraps their arms around you, snuggling in tight as the kids settle into the communal room. It's family time, your favorite. You can't believe it, a dream come true but yet it's better than you could have ever imagined. One deep inhalation extends over many seconds as you center in on presence, watching as the flow of appreciation sweeps in like a rising tide. You did this – your faith, your belief, your mindset & thoughts, your emotions and knowing. You created this life for yourself. You think back, allowing yourself a moment's diversion from the present. Life wasn't always this way, actually life was a whole lot different until you learned how to control your mind, center your heart on gratitude, and respond to life with choice instead of fear. You haven't looked back ever since mastering your mindset and strengthening your connection to something bigger than yourself. It's indescribable – so much so that you're teaching your loved ones the secrets so that they too can know the happiness and fulfillment you realize each and every day. It's been a long but radiant day. You close your journal, still experiencing a bit of zest from the prosperous day, and settle into your evening meditation. You've never slept this good. Now... imagine this being you in the VERY near future. You deserve to know this kind of life – your future you is grateful for you finally putting yourself first. Are you READY to… Put – Yourself – First? If you'd like to know what this kind of day feels like then take the first step in exploring all the benefits of working with me – let's discover how we can create some magic together! (Show me how to Get Started - Click Here to work with Joe) I'm grateful for the opportunity to help YOU! Joe

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