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Regret, a Compass

There’s two different kinds of regret in the world, bad regret and good regret. Bad regret is when we feel that we could’ve done something different in our past that would’ve changed our current reality. We feel shame, guilt, resentment, and even hatred and anger towards ourselves. It’s a little kid learning to ride a bicycle messes up and falls over to the side, did she make a mistake or was she just learning? In the past, at any given moment, you were doing the best you could considering your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources within the parameters of the circumstance or situation. I believe this for myself because it empowers and inspires me to love myself for who I am, release pressures to get everything right and therefore anxiety, and allows me to stay present in the moment. This is a great place to be. I have an awesome meditation method to help you go back and shower that past version of yourself in love, which then jumps time in space to heal you in the now. It’s a really powerful experience so let me know if you’re interested in learning more about that. I mentioned good regret though, didn’t I?

The good regret is asking yourself this question, what would I regret not doing with the time I still have here now? That’s good regret because it serves as a compass guiding us to the precise space we need to invest our time and energy so that we can fulfill our desires. Some of us may not feel very confident knowing why we are here, or what purpose we are meant to fulfill. That’s perfectly normal and I think that’s pretty darn okay too. But there are certain things we would like to experience, or rather we would regret not experiencing, so at least we know where to focus ourselves. And I believe, that through with those experiences we'll begin to discover why we're here while simultaneously fulfilling our purpose. If you’d like a more direct and tailor-made kind of guidance for both finding and fulfilling your purpose, please consider working with me. I’m grateful for you, Joe

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