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Is Something Missing in Your Life? If Yes, Here's How to Find it.

Do you have it all or is something missing in your life?

If you feel that something is missing, I’m here to help you “find” it.

We may have had an idea of what would’ve been “perfect” later in life: big house with the white picket fence, great family & friends, fulfilling job, plenty of vacations, you’re happy, successful, rich, and having tons of adventurous sex – or something kinda close to this but do we have it ALL?

If we look at our life right now and take an in-depth analysis of each area: health, happiness, family, career, lifestyle, wealth… we’ll discover something rather telling: exactly how we perceive ourselves in each of the respective areas.

Here’s what I mean. Our life and the way it turned out is not an accident, it didn’t just happen to us.

Riddle me this: What’s an area in your life in which you’re super duper happy with the way it turned out?

Got it?

Okay well the reason is because you feel that deep down within yourself, on a subconscious level, that your value is equal to that of the reality in which surrounds you.

Now answer this: What’s an area in your life in which you’re unhappy with the way it turned out? What’s missing in your life?

This may sting a little, but that area which is lacking is because deep down within yourself, on a subconscious level, you perceive yourself as NOT having the value equal to that which you desire.

I know, I know this may agitate you, it sure as hell did when I began learning this stuff. But I also learned how to control my mind and therefore my reality.

I know no one wants to hear, “it’s all your fault you don’t make enough money, have the loving partner, hate your job,” but they love hearing, “here’s a secret to having everything you want in life!”

They say, 95% of our subconscious mind shapes our life and reality. And do you recall those pesky limiting beliefs I discussed in a previous newsletter? Well, that’s where they dwell, on a subconscious level. Our beliefs about ourselves, limiting or encouraging, are directly responsible for shaping our reality.

Don’t believe me? Here are two great articles with sources explaining how our perception manifests reality, both on an individual and communal scale.

This is fascinating and all but my goal here is to teach you how to change that area of your life in which you feel unfulfilled. Let’s find, or better yet create, that missing thing.

Good news is that you already have the tools to make a small tweak or even an enormous shift in any area or your life – or every area if you so wish.

SWEET - tons of adventurous sex here I come!

As stated, our lives and the exact reality we’re living is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves on a subconscious level. And our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the imagined and reality. When we imagine something, it attracts that something into our reality.

Imagine this: you pick up a big juicy lemon and squeeze it in your hand. It’s so squishy with juice that it’s about to burst. You bring it up to your lips and bite right into it. The juice fills your mouth and runs down the side of your cheeks. The sourness is overwhelming: your head tears away, your eyes squeeze shut, your mouth puckers, you can’t handle it.

Reading this description just now, did you sense a slight or significant sour sensation in your mouth?

And unless you’re bat-shiz crazy that you aren’t biting into a lemon right now yet your mind created the physical experience.

Can we do this on a larger scale? Can we attract that “missing thing” into our reality using our subconsciousness?

Yes, yes we can.

Daydreaming, using your imagination, and visualization are all one in the same. As adults we don’t allow ourselves the time to daydream but we should as it serves as a gateway into our subconsciousness. With this technique you can learn to access your subconscious mind and therefore attract into reality a particular experience.

Here’s a quick video with all the steps laid out for you. (I mean ten minutes for manifesting something that’s missing in your life seems damn quick to me)

Video Link

As always, I’ll include a step by step process here but the video is for anyone looking to manifest or attract that missing thing into their life.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind Using Visualization

  1. Determine exactly what you want. (Dream job, loving partner, different lifestyle)

  2. Write out the answers to these questions with a pen and paper. (Yes, write them out, it makes a much bigger impact on the subconscious level compared to typing them out.)

    1. What are the exact specifics of the thing you desire? (Be as detailed as possible when describing it.)

    2. How would it feel the moment that thing happened? (Describe the emotions you’d experience. Be sure to consider how grateful you’d feel.)

    3. Who’s the first person you’d tell and how would that experience play out?

    4. How would you celebrate the achievement?

    5. How would this achievement change your lifestyle and how would you appreciate that?

  3. Now read over all your answers and become familiar with them. We want to be able to recall them at a moment’s notice – like we’re memorizing our lines for a performance.

  4. Meditation time – sit somewhere nice and quiet, get comfy, close your eyes, and allow yourself and especially your mind 5-10 minutes to settle. (We’re actively trying to take our brain wave to the alpha state as that’s the gateway to the subconscious mind.)

  5. Once you enter that trance-like, relaxed state of mind, begin actively visualizing yourself (in first person) experiencing your answers.

  6. Take your time with it and have fun. Also, the best time to do this is as soon as you begin stirring in the morning or before drifting off to sleep before bed. (We’re either shifting into Theta, the subconscious mind, or Alpha.)

  7. Rinse and Repeat. One time will be profound but actively repeating this practice ensures its arrival.

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