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Is Life Passing You By?

Too often we find ourselves having to feel that certain days or weeks are only special when there’s a big event, celebration, or the conclusion of something we’ve been working on for a very long time. That doesn't happen enough for us to Feel excited about Life. Many of us look to the weekends, the events, the parties and vacations without taking note of where we spend most of our time – the regular week. What if I told you you could do a few things this week which would make this an incredibly special and fulfilling week? “I’d probably call you a liar.” Haha, fair enough – but let’s give it a try anyway. Every time you find yourself speaking to somebody throughout the week I want you to have to clear intention to be as present as possible. Really meet their gaze and match their energy. Listen to them without waiting for your turn to say something in return. Be present with the energy, see yourselves in this little protective bubble and notice how intimate that feels. Ask yourself this question: “What kind of energy can I maintain to make their experience better?” Create that energy. Another tip is to ask yourself how you want to feel while you're doing the most menial tasks. So much of our time throughout the day and week is made up running errands and doing small little chores. That stuff adds up, and it adds up pretty darn quick. Do you want to feel rushed, anxious, behind, overwhelmed, or agitated throughout all of those pockets of busywork?

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Or do you want to be completely lost in an endless stream of nonsensical and unimportant thoughts? When you ask yourself how you want to feel, make sure you have the answer. Patient. Composed. Present. Peaceful. Grateful. Hell why not sexy and gorgeous? Anything is better than feeling nothing. And the last one, is a banger. If this were your last week here on earth, how would you wanna spend your time knowing you couldn’t deviate from what I had planned what was typical in your weekly routine.

  • Would you waste your time engaging negative and toxic people?

  • Would you spend a lot of time paying attention to the news & politics?

  • Who would you call?

  • How present would you be with each and every meal?

  • What would you tell your loved ones?

Would you have any regret? If yes, that’s a very big gift in and of itself because if you do make it through the week and beyond, then you know exactly where to spend your time & energy. Take the first step in ridding yourself of that regret, even if that starts with a google search. Starting immediately, keep all of these tips in mind as you make your way through one day to the next. I guarantee you’ll look back on Saturday feeling pretty darn fulfilled and grateful for all that you had experienced. If you're tired of struggling on your own and ready for a spiritual & mindset mentor to guide you into a new and fulfilling season, please have a look at my Membership! It's an amazing value (on sale too) for anyone on the budget friendly side of things who's ready for their Life Shift & Transformation! I'm Ready! I’m grateful for you, Joe Hehn

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