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I Guarantee This Will Alter the Course of Your Life

wI’d like for you to be as authentic as possible about this scenario I’m going to walk you through below. And not like instagram everything is peachy keen kind of authentic either. If you do so, I know this email will forever alter the course of your life. Actually I guarantee it. Here we go. What if your doc called and said, “sorry to be the one to tell you this but you’re going to die in three months. It won’t be painful and you won’t slowly decline either. In exactly three months you’ll fall asleep and never wake up.” Then she takes another call and accidentally hangs up. Health care, right? So now that you have only 3 months to live, answer this question. What’s the “one thing” you’d want to do before you transition? Take your time and write down your answer. Yes, write it down, even using the notes on your phone is fine. So what’s your answer? Got it? Great. Now what if your doc called back 3 days later and said they messed up. Wrong person or something. Jerks. Doesn’t matter. Look at what you wrote down or just think about it. (I know you didn’t write it down.) Your answer is your new goal in life because deep down inside, it’s what you really desire to do. With one simple scenario we removed your ability to offer up any kind of bullshit excuse for you NOT to do that one thing. That’s right, your excuses are bullshit. I bet you if that was a real life scenario and you got that initial call, you’d be pretty damn sad and scared for a few days but then you’d realize you were wasting your time and a flood of excitement would crash in. You’d be extremely serious, energized, and even excited to get going on that one thing. But then the doc would call you back and explain the mix up. Over the next couple days excuses would trickle back into your mind and heart on why you can’t go trek the Himalayas because you have work, and laundry, and you haven’t had a good poop in a day and a half. These are all bullshit excuses. Except for the poop one, it’s hard trekking while you’re backed up. You are living an entitled life with infinite opportunity. Especially if you’ve made it this far into this email because while 1 billion other people are fighting off some kind of threat to their existence, you’ve been suckered into reading a life altering email. I guaranteed it though, didn’t I?


During two separate occasions I’ve been in the same room when someone was told by their doctor that they had very little time to live. One was my late wife, who was 33 years old. The other was my late father, who was over 70. Both of their reactions were exactly the same. “I wish I had more time.” Do you think they wish they had more time to make more money or finish up a project? At the time, I wasn’t certain of what their “one thing” was but came to find out before each passed. Jessica’s was to have a family. Dad wanted to take that family trip to Germany. I know their desires went a lot deeper than this but both were very beautiful. We don’t know when we’ll be out of time. I’d love to say that there won’t come a day when you’re fresh out of excuses, but that day will indeed come. And by then it will be too late. Trust me, if you’re lucky enough to be given time, you’ll probably have to spend the last of it battling for more. Now I guaranteed this email would alter the course of your life and although it may have touched or possibly inspired some deep yearning within – I want it to do more than just that. No more excuses, right? So here are the steps you can take to really, truly, and seriously get after your “one thing”. And lucky for you they’re not reliant on whether or not you had a good poop today. Do me a favor, if this email did inspire or at the very least entertain you in some small way, would you please be so kind as to forward it to 3 people you think will benefit from the message? A very large part of my, “one thing” is helping as many people as possible know self-love and happiness. I’m grateful for you helping me accomplish this. Accomplish Your “One Thing” Step 1: Write down 5-10 reasons why it will be an epic life experience. Step 2: Write down 3 reasons you deserve to experience it. Step 3: Read those points off EVERY day until you’re doing your “one thing”. Step 4: Take the first step in researching what it would take. (It usually begins with google) Step 5: Set a date on your calendar as to when this MUST be accomplished. Step 6: When you have free time, visualize or imagine yourself enjoying the experience of it. Step 7: Remind yourself EVERY day that you are Grateful for the time you HAVE and that you will never regret not committing to your “one thing”. If you’re interested in working with me personally then check out all the options here, I’ve added some great consultation sessions too: Work with Joe I’m grateful for you. Joe Hehn

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