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How to Get What You Want

Scientific studies have proven that the energy or vibration of our observation alters the outcome of an experiment.

What is our energy or vibration?

It’s what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling, what we believe, and finally… what we say and do.

What’s our observation?

It’s what we’re focusing our energy or vibration on.

If we can change the outcome of an “experiment” then what qualifies as an experiment?

Well when it comes to your life, an experiment can be literally anything in which you desire a very particular outcome.

Let’s say our “experiment” is getting that new job with a 20% pay increase. This would mean you need to focus your energy and vibration on influencing that situation so the result can be in your favor.

We need to believe we’ll get the right job, feel that it’s our destiny, and think about a positive outcome as much as we’re able.

First things first, we need to describe the exact kind of outcome we’re hoping for.

Write down that you’ll have that job, describe the stellar benefits, the healthy work/life balance, the short commute, the friendly boss, and awesome pay.

Then we need to start thinking about it and feeling it.

Some pics from our week, we had fun quite a bit of fun mixed into the chaos of fixing all those water leakage problems. Everything turned out beyond perfect and before our first showing of the week – and our open house was a success!

We’ll do this using our imagination, and trying to tap into our subconscious mind. Visualize yourself working there, see yourself being fulfilled, challenged in a good and healthy way, content with your coworkers, super happy with your boss and ultimately FEELING grateful you landed the dream job. Do this right before falling asleep, seriously. This helps us access a certain brainwave called Alpha which is the gateway to the subconscious mind. As you progress through your day to day, spend time finding gratitude within your current job too. Outline five reasons you feel blessed to have that job. The reasons are there, it’s just that sometimes our mind isn’t trained to look at the good, only the bad. We need to refresh ourselves that we are blessed compared to a lot of other people who are so much less fortunate. Feeling truly grateful for the job you have and really leaning into that feeling using all of your energy and vibration is key to attracting an even better job. From there, plug and play all the other steps and soon enough that perfect new job will find you. If you need a bit more of personalized guidance with establishing the correct mindset, or energy and vibration, be sure to check out this link. Can Joe help me? And thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of my debut novel, Dreams of Antiquity, it’s been receiving really great reviews! It has almost two dozen 5 Star reviews! Woohoo! I've shared a fe below if you're interested in what other have to say. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out… Get my copy:) I’m so grateful for each and every one of you, Joe

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