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Crazy Stuff Happened After My Wife's Passing

I’m starting to open up about this more and more of these days because what I want thought was completely strange and out of this world seems a lot more normal for me these days.

Or maybe I’m just getting a lot more comfortable being transparent with my truth regarding my spiritual journey.

That’s not to say I have an experience quite a few scarfs and eye rolling when Sharing a bit more about my story.

I don’t really mind that at all because I know this kind of stuff is pretty hard for a lot of people to believe.

And on the other hand I also get to experience hearing how I’ve given someone else the inspiration or courage they needed to completely change their life.

I get a lot more of that kind of stuff so that’s the reason I share my story.

As many of you know, after Jessica passed away she reached out to me through a medium friend of hers who relayed some very important guidance and support.

But the most insane thing she offered was telling me that Jessica wanted me to write a book as well as read a book.

After being pretty baffled at what kind of book I would write I moved on to her second message and read that book called, the afterlife of billy fingers.

Then I packed my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Bogota Colombia embarking on a worldwide adventure in which I would visit dozens of countries over the next several years.

The reason for my trip was not some globe trotting adventure but rather I wanted to run away from a life that was too painful to live and I needed to find reason and healing.

But I wasn’t alone along my spiritual quest.

Jessica started visiting me in my dreams and sharing very lucid and surreal guidance for whatever season I was traversing. Sometime she would appear as this angelic form of ethereal beauty and other times she would still be battling cancer but yet give off this safe-like nurturing energy.

Animals seemed drawn to me and I would always get visits especially from butterflies but also from dragonflies, all different types of birds, especially hummingbirds, and stray cats and dogs. It’s like they were checking in on a friend and I always felt the embrace of spirit whenever that happened and I came to rely on it.

Little children seemed fascinated with me, I’d be sitting on a plane somewhere waiting for a train and I catch a little kid just staring at me like my head was glowing pink or something. They would never be scared but more mesmerize as if they saw something I didn’t. Again I always thought that they could see some angelic force that I wasn’t able to perceive and that provided quite a bit of comfort.

Different people started popping into my life at different times, most of them complete strangers but they always had some kind of vitally important lesson or perspective to share with me which ultimately helped in my journey of healing and growth.

I didn’t know it back then of course but when you look back you see how you couldn’t have done much are gone very far without their love and support. And the timing and the personality was just two perfect to be a coincidence.

Everything always had a way of working itself out no matter what kind of insane trouble I would get myself into. I was kind of a lunatic back then doing some pretty wild stuff that I really wouldn’t recommend to many people these days, so long with all of those crazy decisions came some pretty sticky situations.

It didn’t matter if I found myself encircled by a dozen cartel members practicing popular English phrases, getting stuck after soloing a Oceanside cliff, or being interviewed by some very unfriendly law enforcement officers in several different countries, I always made it through with a smirk and a story.

I started losing complete interest in politics, the news and media, popular TV shows and movies, and began spending a lot more of my time learning about the power of my mind and trying to accelerate my spiritual growth.

I began reading probably 10 times more than I ever had in my life previously, gorging on spiritual, self-help, meditation, religious and spiritually esoteric books.

Through thousands of hours of meditation I was granted access to my past lives, seeing myself having shared quite a few of them with a Jessica and many other people who I know in my life today.

This really helped me make peace with my grief, seeing that this life was yet another chapter in a very long story.

I was also granted access to a sneak peek at my future in this life, well what I think at least is my most desired reality in which I ended up with amazing and beautiful woman and became a dad, a successful author, speaker and spiritual teacher.

It seems absolutely crazy for me to even write this down but I recall so vividly all of these different experiences all of which have molded me into the man I am today.

And I am a mindset and spiritual mentor, I’ll be speaking on stage soon enough, and this summer I’m releasing that book which Jessica told me to write almost 8 years ago.

I know is it the chicken that came first or the egg? Did me getting a sneak peek into my reality make me become obsessed with it therefore manifested into realization or was it fate?

I really don’t know, and I really don’t care.

All I know is it feels good to be who I am and live the life I have.

I’m excited to share so much more about my journey and help others along their own. So let me know if you have any questions or hardship preventing you from knowing a life you truly desire to be living.

And by the way if you’re interested in pre-ordering my novel, please reply to this email and let me know so that I can start a list and let you know when I will be offering either a pre-launch or when it’s set to go and published.

I promise the story will move and thrill you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

I’m grateful for you.

Joe Hehn

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