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Are You Tapping into Your Subconscious Mind?

Everyone keeps talking about the subconscious mind and how to reprogram it - but they never tell you why. Life is all about perspective. For many of us, our perspective of life, not the circumstance of it, determines the quality of our life. That sentence is so important I’m going to repeat it, your perspective of life, not your circumstance, determines the quality of your life. We experience life through our senses and through them we gain a bunch of information. That information is neutral, it’s how our conscious and subconscious mind interprets that information that matters. From there we as individual personalities decide if that information is good, bad, or neutral. That’s pretty cool because this means we can change the part within ourselves which interprets the information. We can make a choice on how we perceive most things in life. They say the subconscious mind determines 95% of our reality. Imagine being on vacation, taking a stroll down the beach, and catching the sunset. Seems pretty great but there’s a huge overcast and so there’s just this little line of silver streaking across the horizon. Only a thin slice of light is passing through. You’re disappointed because you were expecting this amazing experience of watching the colors blast across the entire sky. But then you look over and you see a blind and woman sitting with her family. How do you feel about what you see in that moment? Does the blind woman need to be there in order to remind you that you should be grateful for your sight? That’s the thing with the subconscious and conscious mind, when you train it to perceive your reality with gratitude, you’ll enjoy the sunset no matter what. This is where your life begins changing and it's really freaking rad. According to some scientific studies, the reality surrounding you, on a quantum level, (which then expands beyond that), begins changing so that it becomes more pleasant for your viewing pleasure. When you’re grateful for what you experience, your future experiences become more beautiful.


Imagine going about your day and feeling a general state of peace. When something happens, at the very least you’re indifferent, or you experience joy and gratitude instead of reacting emotionally and becoming upset. After a fair amount of mental training, it’s not like you make a choice to live this way, it’s your nature. For myself as well as others I’ve worked with, once you experience life with this kind of perspective, there’s no going back. You can train yourself to think good thoughts or experience pockets of peace without any thoughts. You can train yourself to feel really grateful like 20 times a day for nothing important. Just a bunch a little stuff which at the end of the day really adds up. And all those days start adding up too – now your weeks are getting better – then your months – and then all of a sudden you have the best year of your life simply by transforming your perspective. That’s why people are talking about reprogramming their subconscious mind, because they’re sick of a sad, lackluster, unfulfilled, or anxious life. They’re sick of the pain and the suffering and they want something different. If you want 3 quick steps for tapping into your subconscious mind well then here ya go! Step 1 Every morning when you get done brushing your teeth look yourself in the mirror and say: “I love you & I'm proud of everything you’re doing.” Step 2 Write your goals down on a piece of paper and look at them 3 times a day, close your eyes and for 30 seconds visualize yourself achieving them. Step 3 Use a gratitude journal and record 10 things that made you feel grateful every day. Make sure to write them down at the end of the day and then read them over. Keep this up for two weeks and I guarantee you'll notice a shift in your perspective. If you’re in need of a bit more help than these three steps, simply reply to this email and I’ll respond with a few options to help:) Wishing you a very beautiful week ahead! I’m grateful for you, Joe

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