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5 Unhealthy Mindset Habits

Here are five things I will never allow myself to think, being a mindset mentor.

One – I don’t allow myself to think or say anything negative about myself. I need to be my biggest fan and support system so only thoughts of peace and positivity are allowed.

Two – I don’t allow myself to be all caught up in judging another person. I allow myself instead to be compassionate for what I don’t know about their struggle.

Three – I don’t allow myself to complain about a person or situation. I will instead find presence and gratitude within that situation because I’ve trained my perspective to see that instead of the negative.

Four – I don’t allow my mind to pull me into the past and blame me for things that I could’ve done differently. I instead see that I was doing the best I possibly could considering the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources I had as well as the circumstance.

Five – I don’t allow my mind to project a future of failure and suffering. I instead visualize experiencing a very peaceful and grateful life and existence.

With all that said, it’s not that I never experience thoughts or feelings which I don’t allow or which leave me feeling not so great.

My path is to minimize the time I spend in that negative space and the frequency of it happening by returning to an elevated mindset through presence & gratitude.

There's actual steps to implement and a very efficient process!

If you'd like help training your mind to get rid of these unhealthy mental habits, be sure to check out my Membership!

This week's LIVE Coaching Call will cover how to Retrain Your Mind to know Peace & Presence!

I'm grateful for you,


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